New To HypnoHub? Read this!
Note: This post will be updated as I think of things to add to it.

First off, welcome to HypnoHub! If you're here, chances are that you already know what we're about, but in case even our name hasn't given it away, we're a site focused around our public gallery of hypnosis and mind control fetish images. Obviously, this is a porn site, so be of legal viewing age and all that - I'm sure you know the deal.

This post exists to help streamline your initial experience with the site. I mean, we have ourselves quite an array of features here, and it can get very confusing very quickly for our new users. What this guide will do is help you find the information you need in order to understand how to properly navigate the site and use its cool little features.

Make An Account

To start, if you haven't already, I recommend you create an account. Without an account, you are limited to a very small number of basic features. In short, as an unregistered user you can pretty much do nothing but view and search the gallery, forums, and other avenues of the site, where as registered users have access to a customizable tag blacklist to customize their search experiences, full access to our forums, the ability to favorite images, create pools, etc.! Registering does not require an email address! That is optional, and used for password recovery purposes. Just choose a username and a password, then you're all set!

Read The Rules

Now, with that out of the way, it's absolutely imperative that you read The Rules of the site. ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE! In simpler terms, that means it's a requirement. And it's entirely on you to do so! If you break a rule, not knowing of the rule does not excuse you from punishment, so make sure you read them!

In addition to the site rules, if you wish to use our IRC channel (which can be accessed via. the "Chat" link at the top of most every page, right next to "Forum"), please familiarize yourself with the IRC Rules.

User Avatars

Yes, we allow those. Yes, it's a feature of the site. You can set an avatar that will appear next to your name just about everywhere on the site: in comments, in forum posts, and in your profile. However, avatars may only be chosen from images already uploaded to the site.

For more information on avatars and on how to set your avatar, read this. Make sure you read the Avatar section of the rules linked above, too.

Searching Posts

Obviously, the core of this site is the searchable tagged gallery of images. There are some important things to know about if you want to make the most of your experience. The most important of which is tags. If you don't know what tags are, or want more information on them, read this help file, which explains more than you would ever care to know about what they are.

Now that you understand tags, refer to the post list (aka. the gallery). If you type a tag in the Search box and hit enter, you will only see posts that have that tag. If you type two tags in the same search, you'll only see posts that have BOTH tags.

"But what if I don't want to see images of a certain tag", you ask? Simple. You can exclude a tag from your search by prefacing it with a -. For example, searching for -furry will only display images that DO NOT have the furry tag. If there's a tag you more or less never want to see, ever, you can use the Blacklist feature explained below.

For a list of more advanced search features (some of which only half work), refer here.

The Blacklist

So, let's pretend, for the moment, that you absolutely hate furry porn and never want to see it anywhere at all. Did you know that there's an easy way to exclude it from all of your searches automatically? This feature is called the Blacklist, and can be customized from your account settings page.

When you add a tag to your blacklist, all images with that tag will be excluded from your search results. You can add as many tags as you want to your blacklist in order to avoid the things you don't like. Now, I don't recommend overdoing it, because sometimes an image contains an element you don't like but a bunch of elements that you love, so you'll miss out if you blacklist every little thing. However, if you're sure you'll never like an image with, say, urination, you can blacklist it to be sure you never see it.

For further information on the blacklist, please refer to its wiki page.

Parent/Child Images And Pools

Parent/Child images are a pair of images that are related in a very close way. For example, if there's two versions of an image, such as there being a clothed and nude version of one. They are also used for very short 2-part image series. Anything longer is put into a pool.

Pools are collections of related images, which can be found on the pools page, which is a link near the top of most every page of the site. They're usually made for long sequences of images.

For more information on the ins and outs of pools, as well as how to create them, read this.

And For Everything Else, There's Mastercard...

I kid, of course. Who uses Mastercard? However, there are many, many features not covered in this post, some of which are more advanced than others. In this section, I'll point out a few sources of information which you can turn to in order to read up on some of these.

Some of our more important features are outlined in the wiki's How To: Do Everything guides. That's a good place to start if you want to know how to do stuff.

You can also look through our help files, but keep in mind that those are actually not written by or for this particular site. Rather, they were created for the original site(s) that used the same software we do. It's not something we can change easily, otherwise we'd have updated them already. So. as it stands now, not everything in the help files is true or correct. Still, it's better than nothing, as it explains some of the features of the site quite well.

A small number of more common questions that users have are answered in our FAQ.

If you have particular questions about the site or its features, feel free to DMail Vanndril or to post your question somewhere on the forums or in this thread (account required).
Thanks Vanndril.
Just something I noticed while randomly looking through threads: This thread does not contain a link to the new forum rules thread.
Can we make the child post hypnotize the parent post and have sex with it?

When will this feature be added?
is nobody going to mention that the rules tab is BLOOD RED
About the Rules: Izzyhime and Villetio is double mentioned as DNP.

(Or is it because people still post their art and that it requires to be rubbed in the face?)
MaDrow said:
About the Rules: Izzyhime and Villetio is double mentioned as DNP.

(Or is it because people still post their art and that it requires to be rubbed in the face?)
It's because two different people added them to two different ends of the list. XD


crazyman said:
is nobody going to mention that the rules tab is BLOOD RED
I didn't feel like looking up hex codes for darker reds, so I just used "red". :P