Neko712 said:
What happened to hypnomangaeditor? I have not been the most active recently, but i came on earlier and noticed all of his work is gone, what happened? Lol im curious cuz he had hands down some of my favorite works on the site.
Without going into too much detail he was banned and then requested to be put on DNP. I do not know where if anywhere he moved his works
Since it is coming up quite a bit just a quick post from my side till I vanish again into the darkness.

You can find some of my work (though not all of it) on I use the same name there. If you do not like the manips/videos containing urination though, then it may be better to not check there.
Kids show from ages ago, probably 90s or late 80s. It featured live action stuff and cartoons, including a Star Trek live action parody but instead of a star ship it was an office building or something?
What matters is that sometimes they'd have a segment where a man or sometimes a woman would talk to his own hands. Each hand had its own personality, and they wanted to take over the world or something, which the person didn't agree with. In order to do their plans, the hands would hypnotize the person to fall asleep.
This is my first memory of being turned on by hypnosis and I'd love it if someone could help out!