Black Cave Broadcasts (Black Wave's REQUEST stream) [offline]


1. Anyone who has a request should leave a comment in this thread which includes a reference image of the desired character, a description or reference image of the desired pose, and a description or reference image of the desired method of hypnosis/mind control, if any. Requests should include only one character. Requests that don't meet these criteria may not be considered!
2. Every week, I will propose each request to my Patrons for them to vote on via Discord*. The request window for any given week will be considered closed as soon as the first vote is cast. Requests that do not fall within this window will roll over into next week's window.
3. Every week, the day after voting is conducted, I'll broadcast a stream, and draw the most voted-on requests!

*If you'd like voting rights yourself, and you're willing to pitch in as little as $1 a month, head over to my Patreon page and sign up. Not only will you have a hand in deciding what I draw every week, you'll have access to my Discord where I post works-in-progress and scrapped material not available anywhere else. You'll also be helping me to fund increasingly ambitious projects, including comics and animations. Not to mention, higher monthly contributions net you even greater rewards.

And that should cover it, make your requests in the thread below!

Requests from previous weeks can be seen here:

...It says you posted this thread a month ago... but it's at the top with no replies... WTF?
I update it each time I go live, I figure that's preferable to making a new thread each time~.
something wrong with piczel keeps on loading i refresh but i can't get to your stream.
Where do the requests done on the request streams end up anyway?
Kachopper9 said:
Where do the requests done on the request streams end up anyway?
The ones from both this week and last week will be going up here over the weekend:
I think the lack of Seven deadly sins on here is criminal!
I want a pic of Meliodas who Hypnotized Elisabeth with a simple Hypno-Coin, groping her breast and saying: "I know I don't have to do this, to cop a feel, but it does make it more fun" And then give him a sly grin or something
hey! can you make my OC Alice fall under mind control, any kind is fine but if you have some "teck control" ideas then much better, here she is.
and this is a age regresion that Mr.H did once
thanks in advance :D
Can you do billys mom from the grim adventures or the donut shop girl from the grim adventures getting their brain taken by the brain eating evil meteor. Their pose should be standing straight up with a small hunch forward and the arms hanging. The facial expression should be the same as the actual episode, tongue and the eyes going outwards. I do also want them to be completely naked with either heels on or the donut shop girls sneakers.
Literally anyone getting their brain sucked out by the meteor is fine though, as long as they have the facial expression as the ones in the grim adventures of billy and mandy episode little rock horrors.
Would love to see you do Aqua ( via good old spiral screen hypnosis with a happy trance standing-at-attention sort of deal.
I'd really love to see more of that purple costume design, on anyone ^^
RelaxDude said:
I'd really love to see more of that purple costume design, on anyone ^^
Do you mean the Malamar uniform?
Black--Wave said:
Do you mean the Malamar uniform?
If that's the name for it, then yeah ^^