Having translation problems with Saimin Yuugi and ITH
So I finally got Saimin Yuugi to work (yay)! And I got ITH to hook into Translation Aggregator and I'm starting to get a translation. The problem is that Interactive Text Hooker (ITH) is not grabbing all of the text, and it's screwing up the translations. I was wondering if anyone else came across this problem.

I know, I shouldn't come asking for IT help here, but you guys are the most likely and able to help me.
Quoting HME on this -

Saimin Yuughi does not work with ITH, you need to use agth for it instead.
Hey thanks for the help! I switched to AGTH, and that's working better.... But it's still dropping tons of characters. It seems like it's dropping the "less dense" characters... I'm don't really know anything about japanesse, but there's multiple ways of writing right? Is the game just mixing them up, and the translator not catching some?
After re-reading my past mails, I think you are having the same problem I was. So I'll just post the mails here -


Hopefully that helps you. Also hope HME doesn't mind me pasting their mail out =x
Alright! Worked exactly as said! This should be stickied somewhere.
So is that /H flag the mythical H-code?
LilSpike said:
So is that /H flag the mythical H-code?
That it is.
Erh, this is pretty outdated, but it does still work. For future reference - use Chiitrans Lite for everything. It works pretty much flawlessly with any Eroge and is easier to use and doesn't need a code or any special configuration. AGTH, ITH and Translation Aggregator are no longer maintained and can break with newer games.
Aaand fast forward a year and just dropping here (if anyone ever comes across this) that the windows 10 creators update breaks Chiitrans making it unable to actually hook the text from any VN, the hook list will just be empty. A solution that works great is just setting up a Windows 7 based VM and running everything out from there. Both Oracle's Virtualbox and VMware should have free versions that are quiet easy to operate, however you do need a way to install Windows 7 like a CD or a bootable media.
Hey, I just made an account for this. I want to be able to play Saimin Yuugi, and I can get the game to load using Locale Emulator. But, I can only speak English so I need to translate it. I tried using both AGTH and Chiitrans Lite but I definitely don't know what I am doing. I am running Windows 10, which someone said causes problems? What do I do?