Nazwa said:
yes. ?

averageguy17 said:
Greetings Erika! I think that it's a great idea that you're trying to become more involved in the community.

As for my question, I only have one for now, though I might come up with more later.

1) What spurned your interest in hypnosis and being hypnotized?
thank you. ! though unfortunately i have kind of a default answer to that. when i was young i was always fascinated with hypnosis scenes in cartoons and such. specifically from jungle book. once i had access to the internet i learned more about hypnosis and well here i am. !

ZeldaIsHot said:
No please why not this please tell me this is a joke why no keep this to Tumblr please no.
hmmm sorry no joke here. im earnestly trying to be more social. though its responses like these that make me question why i try. also i dont have a tumblr.