Sophia said:
I studied 5 years but im still shit at it lol
Well, I understand XD

No, because here in Latin America is often present in study programs and I was curious to see how it worked in other countries ^_^
Well, don't have the money for it at this time, but I'll put up a few ideas I have for future commissions I want to have done, just for fun and to see what you guys think.

One is a Persona-inspired pic where I'm getting seduced and hypnotized by my Shadow. In this case, it wouldn't be male on male, since I'm pushing my Persona to be based off Jeanne D'Arc. So my Shadow would be a female version of me.

What's that? I can't do that? Well, I've never seen rules against one's Shadow being of the opposite sex established in the Persona games, nor have I seen any indication that Jungian psychology expressly states that the Shadow Self has to have a defined gender. So nyah!

A second one is me (yes, just normal me, so male) getting snagged by one of the female dom or switch OCs on here and made to do silly-sexy stuff. Cue "guy dressed up in frilly maid costume" or someone shoving me in a Gerudo outfit a la BotW for their enjoyment.

Third idea follows the second, except this time they have a preference for me being female, so magic/tech is used to turn me into a woman so they can have a sapphic hypno pet.

I have other ideas not including OCs of mine or others, such as commissioning someone to have Morrigan from Darkstalkers take another Sailor Senshi and make them into a Succubus Scout. :P (Proud to say I started that brief stint some years back with that Rosvo pic of Morrigan and Mercury, and I'd like to see it finished up. I know Mars and Mercury got Morrigan's attentions, but I forget who else did. I thought there might've been a total of four before that particular series trailed off.)

I still want to do more stuff with Bianca, of course, but I don't want to focus every commission opportunity on her. I'd hate to burn myself out with my own OC, so I think it'd be good to do some different stuff. Just putting my thoughts out there. And if this isn't an appropriate thread for it (I figured it is, since this thread has a variety of different topics covered), just let me know what thread is appropriate for it and I'll move it there.