someguy231 said:
Well, if my charcater is getting involved, more than likely he'd use tech to hypnotize people, or use his martial arts skills to somehow do that, similar to this drawing:
Whoa how the fuck did I not know about this up until now this is fucking hot dude
skullman2033 said:
by appearances alone i thought he would have arbiters KI moveset. because that alien dude in your icon looks like a friggen sangheili
He's not. He's a dragonborn of Bahamut the was originally Human from Dungeons and Dragons. In 3.5e, the Dragonborn are actually a template that replaces some racial traits for the Dragonborn traits. Think of it as the LA +0 version of playing as a dragon dude.

Also, Dale looks the farthest from a Sangheili.
Okay, the poll is finished (even though it finished yesterday, I'm posting now!) The final scores:
MKX - 4 votes
SFV - 3 votes
Skullgirls - 0 votes

This leaves MKX as the winner! Update post coming shortly.
and a week later, he finally got around to writing the update post

So, hey, guys! As you may know by now, and to catch up any who don't, the process by which the Hypnohub fighting game's general structure was determined has been wrapped up. As decided by vote, the game will be based off of Mortal Kombat X! As such, with this decided, character creation can now begin in full. Below I'll include a bit of information about MKX's formatting for normals, command normals, specials, etc, as well as a slightly updated repost of the character template i posted earlier.

info (warning super wall of text)


Have at it!