Hehe it's ok TKF! You're good at it, and you should always draw what you love ^^

As for critique:
I really love her hair. I think because mostly those stupid petal-scrunchies were the. fucking. best. Couldn't hold my hair for shit, but GORGEOUS! Her hoodie looks really comfortable and too large. Cute effect, 'specially with them shorts ^^

Using those colour lines is a good idea to make sure she's the right size and proportions each time. I could spot thanks to them that the rightmost girl, who is standing with her legs bent, has her knees at the wrong height to be standing like that I think. Her left foot is too narrow as well (try cheating and copy-pasting her other foot there in mirror image), while the left foot on the left girl is too wide (I think because it's more detailed compared to the rest?) but I have no idea if it's the detail or the size that threw me off there.

You've done a good job and been very consistent. I wasn't bothered about the word on the t-shirt at all, I've seen weirder shit worn by kids around here :)