Zko said:
You don't necessarily need to be a good artist to give a criticism on a drawing either, even if you can't draw you can still see if something is wrong.

I wouldn't mind lending a hand to newbies or getting some help myself.
Hmm, yes and no, tbh. I mean, being able to point out that something kinda' doesn't look right is a start, but I'd expect other artists to be more useful at actually knowing how to do something about that, generally speaking. [but hey if you're looking to get some help you could always put some stuff forward and see if this topic'll actually work or not, right? 8D;;]

Mezzberry said:
I think going forward, this topic will work better if artists - be they new and shy, established and wise, or wherever in between - post links to their works and ask for critiques about those specific pieces.

I don't think people are going to feel comfortable going out of their way to offer critiques out of the blue to artists who might not be expecting them. Well, not anyone who has any meaningful criticism to give, that is ^^
Oh absolutely, I probably didn't make it too clear in the OP but that's essentially what I was thinking