A Wild CYOA Appeared! Aka Pokemon Scarlet Version
I am thinking of starting one but I want to gauge interest. It would be based around pokemon and run here in the forums like the CYOA - Shed Adventures is.

Just like with that the people interested will vote on choices I present and then I will write the story to go with that choice.

New Note
Looking forward to the feedback.
Brace yourself for the incoming storm.
I'm cool to see what happens. I miss a lot of CYOA voting though, which feels bad sometimes. Also, if Pokémon, what region would you do?
DisasterDan said:
I'm cool to see what happens. I miss a lot of CYOA voting though, which feels bad sometimes. Also, if Pokémon, what region would you do?
Kanto, I have the write up for the itro which I will go ahead and post.

It has the first votes.

You were born with psychic powers, So to ensure that you knew how to use them, And just as importantly NOT to use them, you have spent the last several years in the Saffron Psychic Academy. Due to this you missed out starting your Pokemon journey at the age of 10, But now at the age of 18 you can start!

But be wary, while your powers may give you an edge in many ways, they will attract all sorts of unwanted attention.

Before you begin though you need to answer a few questions?

Are you a Boy or a Girl?


And you aren’t the only student who graduated, A long time rival of yours, What gender are they?


An update Voting will end on Friday.
I still don't get why you all want to be girls...

Anyway, sub timeeeeeeee!
Pinkanator said:
I still don't get why you all want to be girls...

Anyway, sub timeeeeeeee!
A girl would be easier for me to put into the most stuff and put the most stuff into, So far it looks like both are going to be girls. I already have a few fun ideas.
Imasuky said:
A girl would be easier for me to put the most stuff into
Dreamshade said:
Yeah I'm not sure if I should be proud of that or not.
Pokemon, CYOA and full of girls? Shut up and take my money!
(Note: Not actually. My money. Mine.)
Well it is looking very much like this will have a girl, There will be men taking part, But you all will determine just how much that will be in it.

I am already planning a few general ideas, Can't wait to see how this will go.

And just letting everyone know Pink has made it clear he wasn't t be a subby slut.
Imasuky said:

And just letting everyone know Pink has made it clear he wasn't t be a subby slut.
wait what
Pinkanator said:
wait what
Wait I misplet that badly.

Pink wants to be a subby slut and get a handjob froma Jigglypuff.
Imasuky said:
Wait I misplet that badly.

Pink wants to be a subby slut and get a handjob froma Jigglypuff.
There we go.
Just in case anyone wants to talk a little faster then posting there is a Discord for this game.

Imasuky said:
Just in case anyone wants to talk a little faster then posting there is a Discord for this game.

I think this link is borked.
JksAccount said:
I think this link is borked.
Thought I set it to never expire, This one should work.

Alright closing votes a tiny bit early since it's pretty clear that both being girls is by far the most popular choice.


You are Scarlet Haley, Born in Saffron City 18 years ago. From a very early age you displayed the traits of a psychic, in order to hone your powers and keep you from hurting yourself or others you were sent to the Saffron Center for Metaphysical Research, Through since your parents lived in the city you were able to see them regularly and had a good relationship with them. In fact you had a good relationship with most of the people you knew, with one major exception, Cyan Linton.

Cyan from the first day you met her was a bitch, no matter what happened the two of you have never been able to see eye to eye on anything really. The only thing you had in common with her was a desire to become a pokemon trainer.

But your studies prevented it, until now.

Looking out the window of the bus you reminisce on how you left Saffron City for the first time in your life. At first you had been excited but right now you were mostly just bored, the bus was boring and the seat was rather uncomfortable. But you have been able to find some entertainment in looking out the window and watching the scenery pass by.

The farther you moved out of the city the more it changed, Gone were the skyscrapers and pavement everywhere. Replaced by open fields and trees, and the pokemon you could see outside. There weren’t Rattata scurrying around dragging slices of pizza, instead there were real wild pokemon, You even caught a glimpse of a Sawsbuck a while back.

Aside from that you’ve also been able to have some pleasant conversations with the other passengers, You’ve even shown of your abilities a little. Nothing very major, in school you were taught constantly not just how to use your powers but how to never use them as well.

Though a few of your fellow passengers did pester you enough that you broke one of those rules, Mind Control, always a speciality of yours. At school they made it clear that it was only to be used in life threatening situations, and getting bored to death had been a very real concern a few times. Besides all you did was make them shut up.

As you come out of your thoughts you realize that the bus has stopped moving and the other passengers are getting off. Reaching out with your mind you grab your bag and levitate it just behind you, it would be easier to just carry it in your hands but using your powers for everything is a bit of a habit from the years of training.

Stepping off the bus you retrieve you map that shows the way from the bus top to Professor Oak’s lab, though looking up you realize that it’s hardly necessary. The lab is big enough that even from the edge of town it’s easy to see.

Hoisting your bag up to your arm you begin the trek to the lab.

After about twenty minutes you reach the front door of the lab and are quickly greeted by a young man with slicked back black hair, He’s a few years older than you and rather handsome, if a bit nerdy.

“You must be Scarlet, You are just on time please follow me.” He says leading you into the building.

As you walk along you try to start up some conversation “So what do you think is strangest about me?” You ask.

“What do you mean strange?” He asks back not stopping in his stride.

“Well the fact that I’m psychic weirds a lot of people out.” You’ve gotten pretty used to people outside of the research center treating you a bit strange, most of the time the try to hide it but then they end up thinking it so much that you pick up on it without even trying to read their thoughts. So after some experience you’ve found it best to just ask them.

“I’ve lost thirty-five consecutive games of chess to a Slowking, Psychics are just part of my life.” He says plainly.

“The way I look gets a lot of reactions,” You say, even back at the center you got a few stares for one trait that stood out as a bit odd, light gold eyes with slitted pupils. Though they weren’t anything unusually special in anyway other then looking odd. To try and keep them from being too attention grabbing you dyed some of your black hair red, it only served to frame your face and make your eyes stand out more. But it looked to good to not keep it.

Of course no matter what you could try they would still stand out because of you dark skin tone. And of course the freckles, just a small spattering along the bridge of your nose.

As for your body, like a lot of psychics you’ve never done a lot of physical activity, enough to stay nicely fit but rather thin, A modet A-cup bust and a trim figure.

“Have you ever met any of the Gym Leaders, All of them are pretty strange in dress and personality. You seem downright normal.”

“Well how about the fact that I’m eighteen and just now starting my trainer’s journey is not common at all.” You ask.

There is a moment's pause.

“Yes, That one I will admit is a bit odd, but hardly the strangest thing I’ve encountered.” He says. “But I never went on a journey myself.”

“What, Why?” You ask the thought of someone turning down the ability to travel freely like that and he gave it up. It doesn't make much sense.

“I’m just kind of a homebody, Never saw the appeal of leaving home for something silly like that.” He answers. You peek into his mind for a second, curious about just why anyone would pass up the chance to go out like that. It takes little effort to peer into his memories, just skimming the surface you see that he was rather sickly in his youth and found a lot more pleasure in reading and learning more then anything else.

Pulling back you see that you’ve reached a huge door labeled simply as “Main Lab.”

“Well this is where I’ll leave you, Professor Oak is inside just letting the starters work off some nervousness.” He says. “Good luck.”

“Thanks.” You tell him before opening the door.

You are greeted right away by a thick cloud of smoke that billows out. Coughing a bit as you disperse it with your powers.

“Are you alright?” You call out clearing the smoke, it would be just great if you got here only to find that Oak was dead in some kind of accident.

“Yes, Yes...I’m fine.” The voice of an old man says wheezing and coughing a fair bit. “Charmander just got a little too worked up.” he says. There is the sound of a fan being turned ou and the smoke starts getting sucked up.

Once the smoke is gone you see Oak is standing there with three iconic starter pokemon standing around him. It’s just like the League poster you had back in your dorm room, The old man surrounded, Bulbasaur,Charmander, and Squirtle.

“Sorry for the mess.” Oak says as he takes the same pose on the poster. “Well then, I suppose you already know a fair bit about what it means to be a trainer. And judging from the essay you wrote I have to say you are one of the most inspiring trainer’s I’ve seen in awhile.

You blush and sigh both as you recall the ordeal it had been to get permission to become a trainer, Of course even if you were ten you’d have still went through the same process. Several test to prove you knew enough about basic safety and an essay explaining why you wanted to become a trainer. You kind of got way too into it and ended up writing nearly three times as required.

“Yeah...I’ve just always wanted to be a trainer, So when I heard that I could…” You trail off feeling a little childish all at once.

Oak seeing your reaction smiles a little.

“Well I’m sure you’ve waited long enough, How about we skip over some of the usual formalities and you pick which pokemon you want to travel with you?” He ask.

The three step forward each looking very proud.

The Bulbasaur extends it vines out flexing them, The Charmander makes it’s tail flare brightly
and Squirtle turns it’s back showing off it’s shell and how shiny it is.

Looking them over a small thought enters your mind, You could easily influence Oak into getting all three of them, That could give you a big leg up right at the start. Or you could find out if he has anything more suited to your talents, After all as a Professor he could have something really rare.

If he does you know it’ll be what you go with.

This poll will close on Monday.

Choose your starter.

What you look like.
Imasuky said:
Cyan Linton
Well, I'm glad to hear that she'll be really slow. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to the Dispatch spam.
JksAccount said:
Well, I'm glad to hear that she'll be really slow. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to the Dispatch spam.
Imasuky said:
JksAccount said:
Alright, Never played it.

Just tried to find names related to Red and Blue that were fitting for girls.
So it seems like the winning pick was to ask for something special, So hope everyone is happy with the surprise pokemon!

“I’d kind of like something a little more..unique.” you say trying not to hurt the feelings of the three pokemon, though they all deflate just a little.

Oak gives a half smile “I suppose I can understand, Though these three are the traditional starters not everyone is a fan of tradition.”

“They are normally given to Trainers because they have been breed to have a good nature, And they aren’t too powerful which is good for less experienced trainers.”Oak says clearly thinking outloud. “And you have no real experience with pokemon so they would be ideal, But considering your powers…”He puts his hand to his chin.

“I think I have the perfect Pokemon in mind for you.” He says. “Though it’ll be up to her if she wants to partner with you.”

“Alright..So what is she?” You ask curiosity peaked.

To answer Oak walk to a nearby shelf and retrieves a pokeball. As he holds it out you can sense something coming from it. Anxiety...Whatever kind of pokemon it is it’s afraid.

“She’s a bit on the timid side, She was given up by her original trainer because she wouldn’t even com out of her ball.” Oak says “Even I can hardly convince her to come out, But maybe you’ll have better luck.” He says handing the ball to you.

As you take it you can feel the fear of the pokemon inside, the hairs on the back of your neck prickle up in response. It’s fear is seeping into you.

But it’s hardly the first time you’ve experienced someone else’s emotions, And you learned how to deal with that a long time ago. Taking a breath to calm yourself you focus on your own emotions.

The excitement of meeting a new friend, the joy of seeing the outside world, the thrill of the very idea of victory. And the fun of sharing all of it.

Thinking about all of this things you direct them into the ball, the moment you do the fear beings to push back, drowning them out. The worry of friends not liking you, the fear of getting lost, the anxiety of loss.

Your lips curl up into a small smile as you find yourself being challenged for the first time in a while.

You take all those fears and turn them around, Just because someone doesn't like you doesn't matter there are others who will, Getting lost can lead to discovering things you never knew you wanted, And losing can teach so much more the winning. Pushing all those positive thoughts forward you drown out most of the fear.

The ball shifts slightly in your palm rolling out of your hand as it falls to the floor there is a flash of red light, As it cleared the pokemon took form, a small humanoid figure.

Bright green hair and a set of flat angular red horns, she looked almost like she was wearing a small white dress.

“Ralts?” She looked up at you with a pair of bright red eyes, In an instant you feel a bond being created, All of her emotions and memories begin to flow into you and the reverse as well. You see flashes of her life before this moment, most of it was spent in the pokeball, a sort of suspended sleep with only vague awareness of the world outside. And the times outside it was filled with fear, surrounded by so many strong pokemon.

A trainer who wanted nothing but a fighter, who didn’t care about her feelings.

Breaking out of the psychic vision you blink back a few tears, you aren’t sure if they were from her or from your own feelings but either way you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Holding out your hand you speak to her with your voice and mind at the same time.

“I promise, I won't be like that. I don’t just want to win battles, I want to live and experience as many things as I can.” You tell her.

The Ralts stares at you for a few seconds before she nods taking one finger, she sends a feeling to you. It’s not as defined as before but it’s clear what she means with it, she is happy to team up with you,

“Alright, Looks like you are going to be my starter.” You say picking her up.

Ral.” She declares nuzzling up against you.

“Alright then, I’m happy to see that the two of you bonded so quickly.” Oak says with a broad smile. “I was worried she would stay here forever, And that’s hardly the kind of life a pokemon like her should live.”

“Now then before you head out I have one other thing to give you.” Oak says heading to a nearby shelf, He picks up a belt with several pokeballs on it and hands it to you.

“You are familiar with how to capture pokemon, As well as how the storage system works correct?”

You nod “Yeah weaken them, Toss the ball, I can only carry five at a time the rest are stored in a digital space.” You anwser. That stuff was pretty common knowledge even for non trainers, though how exactly the digital storage or pokeballs actually worked were a complete mystery to you and most others.

“Alright then, Just one last thing to give you and then you are free to go as you please.” Oak said going once more to a nearby desk.

Your heart skips a beat you know exactly what he’s getting.

“Ralts?” The pokemon asks sensing your excitement.

“A pokedex, The symbol of being a trainer.” You say, it’s proof that you are a league certified trainer, it grants all manner of privileges. Free access to pokemon centers, and unrestricted travel to areas off limits to anyone else.

“Ralt.” She says seeming to get the idea.

Oak returns holding out the Pokedex, a bright red rectangular pocket sized computer.

As you take it you know that now you really are a trainer. The first step in fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Despite what he had said about letting you go Oak took nearly an hour going over various topics with you before finally letting you go.

Stepping out of the lab and into the fresh air you stretch out some. As you do your stomach lets out a low rumble. It’s only now that you remember that you haven’t had breakfast today.

“So you hungry?” You ask Ralts.

“Ralts.” She answers, you can sense that she is pretty hungry too.

“Alright...Well it’s a bit of a walk to town.” You say looking toward the town, though after spending your life in Saffron it was hard to even call it that much with as few houses as there were.

“So how about we just hold out for a little bit and try and cook something out in the fields. I’ve got a ton of packaged meals.” You say opening your bag, it’s stuffed with everything you need for long term travel, Including a month's worth of Lt. Surge’s personal brand of M.R.E.s

Ralts gives the package an odd look.

“Don’t worry, I’ve tried a few before and they aren’t half bad.” You assure her. They weren’t as good as something fresh but they were better than what you could probably make on your own out in the wild.

With a small nod Ralts agreed.

Taking up your bag you start traveling down the road, the trail is flat and clear making it easy. Every now and then you stop and look back, The town is the first to vanish from sight, and soon after even the lab can’t be seen any longer.

Satisfied that you’ve made good progress you sit down and start prepping your meal. Some water to heat it up, some of the other water you add the drink mix to, it’s orange flavored. Kind of artificial but it’s sweet and refreshing . You give Ralts some as well which she gulps down quickly seeming to love it. You can sense the slight sugar buzz she’s getting already.

“Alright, not too much of this stuff for you.” You tell her, she pouts a little but cheers up when you give her the candy from the package.

“Don’t think you’ll get this everytime.” You say grinning at her as she chomps down on it happily,

“So I’m thinking I’ll need a few other pokemon on the team before we go too far.” You muse “I mean I don’t want to be a collector or anything, But a few others would be a big help.”

Ralts looks up at you, a bit of chocolate smudged on her cheeks.

“I don’t want to push you into battles all the time.” You say wiping her face.

Suddenly you hear something. You turn just in time to see something small and fluffy running away with your food that was just finished cooking.

“Hold it!” You shout reaching out with your mind you grab hold of the thief. There is a loud yelp of surprise and it drops your meal….and burns it to ash with a burst of flame from it’s mouth.

Even without using the pokedex you can tell that it’s a Vulpix.

Turning it around in the air it looks at you with fear.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” You tell it lowering the pokemon to the ground. “But I’m not very happy about you stealing….And burning my food.” You say.

The Vulpix whimpers and looks at you sadly.

“Tell you what, If you join my team I’ll forgive you. And share our food with you.” You offer.

“That sound good to both of you?” You ask looking between Ralts and the Vulpix.

The two exchange a few words with each other, though you can’t understand them you can pick up on Ralts’s thoughts and she seems to be a little weary of this new pokemon.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you two can be friends.” You say reaching out to the Vulpix’s mind. It’s a bit blurry and hard to read, so much different the a human mind, or Ralts’s for that matter but you can tell that it’s a kind pokemon.

Relaying the information to Ralts seems to make her comfortable with it.

Taking a ball from your belt you hold it out and the Vulpix taps it’s nose against the ball getting pulled in with a chime.

“Alright, Come back out and let’s have a meal.” You say releasing Vulpix.

Getting a new meal out you start cooking it.

As you wait for it to heat up you start talking to the pokemon, Not about anything in particular, just random ideas and thought. Ralts seems more interested, even though she already knows a great deal about you. Vulpix seems more focused on watching the food and waiting for it to get done.

Once it’s ready you portion out the meal so that all three of you get a decent amount.

As you finish it up you realize that it’s actually getting a it late. And you are getting rather tired.

Setting up your sleeping bag you ask the pokemon if they want to sleep outside with you or in their balls. Ralts seems almost a little relieved to go back into her ball, While Vulpix wants to stay out.

Agreeing to that you recall Ralts and leave Vulpix to curl up next to you, it’s warmth making it more comfortable as you drift off.

You get woken up by a wet rough tongue licking against your cheek. As soon as you open your eyes Vulpix drops a meal package on your chest.

“Guess you want breakfast huh?” You ask getting a yip in response.

Letting Ralts out the three of you share a good meal. As you eat you look at the map trying to find the best route to Pewter City, Which means passing through Viridian Forest.

“Well that’ll be fun..Either one of you ever been in a forest?” You ask the pokemon, the closest you’ve ever been to the woods was going to the park.

They both shake their heads.

“Well guess we’ll just have to figure it out as we go.” You say.

Finishing up your food and cleaning up you start to walk again Ralts on your shoulder, she’s light enough to carry easily though both of you support her with a small amount of telekinesis. Vulpix trots alongside you stopping every once in awhile to sniff at something.

After a few hours of walking you spot what looks like a house in the distance, You know that it must be a rest house. A building set up by the league to give trainers a place to well rest, they are supposed to be pretty barebones, but better than sleeping outside again.

“Well I think we’ve made enough progress for today.” You say only know realizing how exhausting it really is to walk for so long.

As you approach the rest house you feel a chill running down your spine. It’s an awful familiar feeling. You know just who is inside and you dread having to deal with her.

Ralts hugs tighter to you.

“Don’t worry.” You tell her “She’s harmless.” You tell her as you open the door.

Sitting in a chair sipping a cup of tea is Cyan Linton, your ‘rival’ though really she more of a stuck up bitch who is always trying to one up you in everything. She has light purple hair and eyes, and wears a pair of lavender glasses as well. She has a small beauty mark under her right eye. She’s even more slender than you are, her chest is pretty much flat,

“What are you doing here?” You ask frowning.

“Resting, That is what a Rest house if for after all.” she answeres in the smug tone that she seems to have no matter what she says.

“I can tell that much, I meant what are you doing here now?” You demand “I just got here, And I know I left Saffron a few days before you.”

Cyan grins “Yes, well don’t forget…” She blurs for a second and reappears on the other side of the room “I’m much better at teleportation than nearly anyone else in the Center.” She says dropping her cup. It blurs a second before hitting the ground only to reappear on the table.

You sigh “So you teleported all this way?” You ask. She always loved bragging about her talent and showing off, in particular when you were around. As annoying as it is to admit teleportation is something that you’ve never been able to quite figure out.

“You guessed it, Though I won’t be doing it too much. After all I don’t want to leave you too far behind.” She says laughing.

You feel a small flutter of anger Ralts, seems she doesn't like Cyan very much right off the bat. And judging from the low growl by your side it seems that Vulpix feels the same.

“Oh looks like you managed to get ahead of me in one small way.” Cyan says with a grin “Two pokemon...Though neither is quite as good as what I have.” She says holding out a pokeball.

“And to prove it I suggest we have a battle...The usual wagger?” she suggest.

The usual wagger...Just hearing those words makes you flush a little with excitement. From early on the two of you would compete in anything and everything, and to make it more interesting you started betting on the matches.

Just stuff like candy at first, But slowly it started getting more risque, neither one of you can quite remember who had started it. But it had begun innocently enough with kisses and some mild touching. But it had ended up as full blown sex at some point with the loser having to submit to the winner.

The current record between the two of you was about 50-50.

Debating the challenge you can’t help but think about what awaits if you lose, Cyan is loves to tease you until you actually beg her to let you do what she wants.

And as much as you hate it, some part of you wants it again.

Looking to your pokemon they both seem ready to fight, Though Ralts is clearly sensing that part of you that wants to lose. And judging from the bond she’s willing to do it if it makes you happy.
First here is what Cynan looks like

Alright a few choices to make

Vulpix’s Gender

Do you want to win or do you let Cyan win?

And if you do win how will you treat her?

Voting end Wednesday.
Pinkanator said:
I mean she's not ALL purple.
JksAccount said:
I mean she's not ALL purple.
Well she is wearing purple underwear.
Imasuky said:
Well she is wearing purple underwear.
Not for long.
JoanieSappho said:
Not for long.
True, It looks like she will be losing by a lot. I can't wait to get to the bigger choices down the road.
Alright and the votes are in

Vulpix will be a girl, big surprise there with the way votes have been going so far.
Cyan will lose hard, But will get some soft loving afterwards, That one was pretty close.

You push aside the small thought of how good it would feel, it was probably just a lingering trace of the last time she won. She had probably left a little something in your head last time, You’ve done the same to her more than once. You are going to make sure to do a little something to her to make up for it this time.

“Alright, The usual wager.” You say.

“It’ll be one on one since that’s all I have.” Cyan says teleporting outside of the rest house.

You sigh as you step outside, it’s always a pain when she does that. “You know it would take less effort to use the door.” You tell her as you step outside.

“Oh I know, But it’s so much more fun, not that you’d know.” She says with a smirk Rolling your eyes you sigh, she always brags about how good she is at teleporting. It’s hard to deny that it would be fun to just blink in and out of rooms like that, though the fact that she has on more than one occasion accompanied her teleporting with a handful of glitter is crossing the line into jackassery.

“Let’s just get this fight started.” You say setting Ralts down. Reaching out to her you start to trying to learn what she can do, You may not have ever fought in a real battle, But you have watched tons of matches and read a tremendous amount. A quick glimpse gives you a very useful bit of information she has the Trace ability, so whatever pokemon she goes up against she can copy their ability. It can be pretty useful.

And it seems she knows a couple of pretty powerful attacks.

“Now let me introduce you to my adorable partner, Pinky-winky.” Cyan shouts as she tosses out her pokeball. The usual bright flash of red light and the pokemon takes shape. It takes only second for you to recognize the pokemon, A Drowzee...Hardly rare or special. Though this one is a little unusual, rather than the usual gold colored skin it is a light shade of pink.

“Ok...So the name makes some sense...It’s still stupid as hell.” You say as the pokemon seems to nod a little in agreement. Poor thing, as if being stuck with Cyan all the time wasn’t bad enough it has to put up with a awful name.

“If you think that name is s dumb, What is your Ralts named?” Cyan ask putting her hands on her hips.

Come to think of it you still haven’t named her or the Vulpix yet. Naming pokemon is a pretty common practice, it helps create a stronger bond between trainer and pokemon. It shows that you care for them and want to help them stand out even more from others of their kind.

“I...I haven’t thought of one yet.” You confess.

Cyan pushes her glasses up “Can’t say I’m surprised, You never were very creative. Even when you do use your powers to mess with someone you do such bland stuff.” She says wagging her finger “I mean, Sure Ralts are rare but….” She kneels down starts rubbing Pinky’s head “She’s not shiny like mine!”

Like always Cya has to brag about something stupid and pointless. That’s how she always is, If she’s not the center of attention she’s not happy. No matter how good you have it she wants to say she has it better.

Looking at Ralts she seems a little down at being compared to the shiny pokemon. You send her a small pulse, Shiny or not you couldn't be happier to have her as your first pokemon.

Rakts perks up a little, she can tell that you really are happy with her.

“I mean it wasn’t even that hard to convince Oak to hand him over, In fact I didn’t even need to use my psychic powers, Just my womanly ones.”

You feel a bit of bile hit the back of your throat, you sense something similar from Ralts, even Pinky seems to blanch a little.

“You didn’t….” You say trying not to think about it too much.

“Of course not!” Cyan snaps sounding offended “I just flashed a little cleavage, That alone was enough.” She says “I mean I do have some standards.”

Cyan has standards and cleavage, Learn something new everyday.

“Alright, Enough talking about...This.” You say gesturing vaguely.

“That eager to lose, Fine by me.” Cyan says blinking backwards a few feet “I’ll be sure to make sure you enjoy it when I play with you.” She says licking her lips in an extremely suggestive way.

“Better get your tongue ready...Cause you will be using it plenty when I win.” You tell her taking a few steps back yourself. Ralts looks back at you a little concerned.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will win.” You tell her “And even if you do lose, I’ll still be happy so long as you do the best you can.”

Ralts nods and swallows. Reaching out to Ralts you can feel her studying Pinky and learning his ability, Insomnia. That will take away one of the biggest threats he could pose. As you study her power you come up with a pretty good plan.

“You know because shiny doesn’t equal stronger.” You say as you instruct Ralts on what to do. She seems a little unsure if she can pull it off, But you know it will work and assure her of it.

“True, But you know what does mean stronger, Is who hit first!” Cyan says and Pinky charges forward, at the last second he rears his head back readying a Headbutt, The moment that impact should occur though Ralts teleports right behind him,

And just as you had ordered she unleashes a powerful cry right into his ears, Disarming Voice. The sharp scream leaves him dazed for a moment and Ralts takes advantage of that opening to deliver a powerful blast of psychic energy point blank in his face sending Pinky flying backwards.

As he stands up Cyan frowns, judging by the look on her face she’s trying to give him some orders, but judging by the fact that his eyes are staring off in different directions and blinking one eye at a time….Confusion worked just fine.

“Just hit her!” Cyan shouts out loud. Pink nods seeming to understand.

Grabbing a nearby rock he slams it into his own face and falls flat on his back.

Cyan growls as she recalls him.

“So that’s what a real battle is like….Got to say I was expecting something more challenging.” You taunt.

“You got lucky, Just wait until Pinky and I get stronger. This was nothing really.” Cyan says “I mean we’ve only known each other for less than a day, you can’t expect that much teamwork or anything.”

Like always when she loses she’s trying to find a way out. But you won’t let her.
Reaching out you are able to easily slip into her mind, It’s easy despite her having powers as well. It’s something you’ve done so many times that there’s no really resistance, It’s actually easier than taking a regular person’s will.

Despite her personality Cyan is pretty easy to get control over, mostly because you know her so well. Normally people have some kind of protection, even if they don’t realize it. Getting past them takes some effort. You have to peel back layers until you can find a vulnerable spot and get to them. But due to how well you know her Cyan’s defenses part with no effort.

As you reach just the right spot you find a little something you left there before, A switch of sorts. Flipping it cause an instant change.

Cyan’s face goes slack for a second and slowly changes into a smile. Not the cold mocking smile that she usually has plastered across her face, But a real smile. Bright and friendly, her eyes change as well becoming softer, more gentle.

“I really don’t like when you do this to me.” She says in a sweet voice. “I feel so saccharine I’m worried I’ll get a cavity.”

The last little trace of her real self that hasn’t yet been swallowed up by the implanted effects.

“ I know that’s what makes it so fun.” You tell her, The change is pretty simple you did it a few years back, Not really changing her too much, just making her nicer, She’s still pretty much the same girl, just less of a bitch.

While you wait for the changes to take full hold you talk to your pokemon.

“I’m sorry I haven’t thought up names for you two yet but I will soon.” You tell them, Both seem fine with the delay.

“And Ralts, You did great. I’ll get you some kind of special treat later.” You promise. She smiles as wide she can, you can feel her joy at winning for the first time, and some confidence as well. She seems to know that she’s stronger than she had thought.

Smiling you give her a pat on the head “Be proud, that was just the first victory of many.” You tell her “And I will be sure that the treat I get you will b great. But for now it’s time for my special treat, so you two have to go back into your balls for now.” You tell them before recalling them.

Putting them away you walk up to Cyan.

“Come on, Let’s go inside.” You tell her.

Cyan smiles “Alright,But just know that I’m going to make you cum harder and more then more often then you make me cum.” She says.

Even made nicer she still has the same competitive streak as always. But that is intentional, If she wasn’t like that it wouldn’t be as much fun.

As you enter the rest house you seal the door with your powers, there is no lock and you’d rather not have someone walk in on you. Keeping it shut will be simple enough that no matter how hard she makes you cum it’ll be easy to hold it.

There’s a few beds resting against the walls and Cyan has thankfully already spread her sleeping bag out on one of them. Moving to it you pull her into an embrace, kissing her. A deep passionate kiss.

You feel her slipping her tongue in trying to get some dominance, you play along for the moment letting her have her fun. But soon enough you take control with a quick push knock her on her back.

Breaking the kiss you look down into her eyes, they are slightly glassy. Though that could in part be her glasses, pulling them off you levitate them away letting the rest on a nearby table.

“Tell me why is it you always have to try and one up me, Why you are always challenging me.” You order her, you already know but it’s still fun to hear it once in awhile.

“It’s...It’s because I want you to be impressed.” she says meekly. “You are really talented, the only girl in school to be as praised as me...and it’s annoying...I want to be on top...But you…” She trails off you aren’t quite sure if it’s because she realized that you actually are pinning her down right now or if she just really doesn't want to talk about it.

A little mental prod and she finishes her thoughts “You won’t just give in, Even when I beat you, even when I take control of you….I still can’t make you really give in.”

“Not like when you do it to me...I don’t want to say this but…”

You hush her with a kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t need my ego stroked that much.” you say with a cuckle. You start opening her shirt “I can think of plenty of other things you can stroke plenty though.” You say as you expose her chest, Her breasts are nearly non-existent, Just the faintest swell, only enough to make her light pink nipples stand out against her lilac colored bra.

Helping her slide out of her shirt and bra you take a moment to enjoy the sight of her bare chest, she is so slender and pale she looks almost like a doll. Running your hands along her chest the dark tone of your own skin is such a sharp contrast to her. Moving up you trace small circles around her nipples with your fingertips, at the same time you gently tug at them with your powers.

Cyan whimpers and bites her lower lip, her nipples have always been a weak point for her.

“Does that feel good, Do you want me to keep teasing you cute little breasts?” You ask her.

“Yes...Please...keep doing it.” she pleads softly as she trembles under you. More than happy to go along with it you move down slightly and catch one of them between your lips, letting your tongue dance over the tender nub, you mess with her senses a little so that she feels the exact same sensation on the other nipple as well.

You spend several minutes teasing her nipples making her squirm and gasp in pleasure, you’ve almost been able to make her cum from doing this a few times but she’s never gone over the edge yet. And she won’t right now.

You get off the bed entirely and stand up.

Cyan whimpers and starts to sit up.

“Stay like that and keep playing with your nipples.” You order her, and she does just that. Pinching and rubbing them as she edges herself.

You start to strip yourself, as you do you watch Cyan writhing around, there is a definite wet spot forming at her crotch. Reaching out with your powers you remove her pants, but leave her panties on. Just like her bra they are a soft lilac, though there is a darker stain near the middle from her leaked arousal,

“Now you are going to give my breasts some love.” You tell her as you lay down on top of her again, You let your breasts dangle just over her face. Tilting her head up she latches onto a nipples and starts to suckle, she uses one hand to grope at the other breasts massaging it.

Her other hand went to the small of your back tracing along it before running down your hip and cupping your ass.

You can’t help but moan a little as she swirls her tongue around your nipple, she sucks and licks and even softly bites it all while rubbing and squeezing your other breasts and ass at the same time.

Shifting your position ever so slightly you press your knee against her pussy, she’s wet and hot to the touch. Pressing a little harder to make her moan, a tiny mental poke is all it takes to guide her into doing the same for you.

Cyan lift her knee up and presses it into you quim grinding it against you. Rocking your own hips in time with her you dig your fingers into her hair. Cyan keeps sucking and nibbling at your nipple moaning as she does,

As you grind your knee into her you can tell that she is right on the verge of cumming, Knowing that she’s so close you link your senses with hers, a trick you learned to do a while back. The link allows you to feel her pleasure and vice-versa. The jolt of your pleasure hitting her was just the spark she needed to explode in orgasm.

The feedback of her pleasure and orgasm were enough to send you over the edge as well. As the wave of ecstasy wash over you every muscle tenses and spasms, you lose your strength and collapse on top of Cyan. But neither of you stops moving your knees still grinding into each other.

Lifting your head just a little you kiss Cyan again, slow and soft you make out with her as you both prolong the orgasm for each other.

As the pleasure dies down you roll off of her and lay on your back catching your breath.

“Alright, that’s enough for tonight.” You say wiping your forehead. Usually you would do a lot more than just that, but with all the walking you’ve done today and all the walking you’ll do tomorrow you know it’s best to not get to worn out.

“This place have a shower?” You ask. Some rest houses are set up better than others from what you’ve heard.

“Yes, I actually took one before you got here.” Cyan answers.

“Alright then, Let’s get cleaned up then you can make dinner.” You tell her heading into the bathroom.

It is a shower in the technical sense, A small stall with a showerhead hanging over it, and no nozzle to adjust the pressure temperature….Better than nothing, But any kind of sexy fun in the shower was out of the question for now.

“Actually go start making dinner while I shower.” You order Cyan who dutifully walks out and sets to her task.

You wash up in water that is frankly a little colder than you’d like but just getting cleaned up feels good. You hadn’t realized how sweaty you had really felt, It as a wonde Cyan never said anything about it.

Once you are clean to step back out to find that Cyan has actually set up a dinner table with a tablecloth some candles and even plates. Though it’s still the same M.R.E rations that you ate the other night.

“You really carry stuff like that around?” You ask.

“Of course,Just because I’m traveling doesn't mean I can let y image drop.” She says with sweet smile. “Besides don’t you think it looks tastier when it’s presented nicely?” She ask.

There is no denying that presented like this the food does look slightly better than just eating it out of the bag.

Finishing up your meal you finally remember to unseal the door.

As Cyan steps out you see that her face has returned to normal and she’s glaring at you “I hope you know I expect you to wash those dishes.” She says.

Flipping the switch takes less then a second.

“Though I suppose I should do it since they are mine,” She says with a smile.

“Sounds good.” You tell her before getting out your sleeping bag and putting it on one of the mattresses. Though odds are the ground is cleaner there’s no denying that the mattress is softer.

Drifting off you contemplate just why Cyan is so obsessed with being praised by everyone. You can tell there’s something deeper to it but even when you’ve dived deep into her mind you can’t find it,

As you wake up you sense that you are alone, Cyan must have woken up first and left. As you get up an envelope slides off your chest. Opening it up you find some money, the prize for winning.

Tucking it away you let the pokemon out and eat breakfast.

“Alright, time to head to Viridian Forest.” You declare.

Both pokemon seem pretty excited about it. Though you still sense some reluctance from Ralts about going somewhere with so many new pokemon.

“Don’t worry, There’s nothing in those woods that you can’t handle.” You tell her Vulpix yips sharply. “I’m sure you are plenty strong too.” You say giving her a pat on the head, you can feel her warm up in response.

Once you’ve packed up you start walking. Thankfully the forest is actually pretty close.

As you approach you see a large sign that is clearly a warning board with two messages on it

(Ariados mating season, All trainers take care.)

(Due to a recent storm the path may be damaged in some areas.)

You’ve heard plenty of stories about how Ariados using other species to incubate their eggs, while there’s no harm the thought of getting pumped full of eggs isn’t exactly on your list of things you want to do today.

The really scary thing about that though is the stories of how they do it, you’ve read up on it for once when you got into a wikiwalk. The venom they produce actually undergoes a change a change during mating season.

It paralyzes the victim and enhances sexual sensitivity, Some companies use it to make a powerful aphrodisiac.

“Well I don’t think I have much to worry about with both of you by my side, Bug types are weak to both of you.” You say.

Though that thought doesn't seem to do much for Ralts who clings tighter to you.

Heading into the woods you are amazed right away by how dark it is, not enough to warrant getting out your flashlight or anything but considering it’s probably around noon right now it’s actually pretty dim, It’s the dense branches and leaves overhead, they block out nearly all the light before it can reach the ground you think looking up.

“No fire.” You tell Vulpix just as a precaution. Burning down Viridian Forest would be very bad for your career as a trainer.

The path through the forest isn’t as clear as the road was. But there is still a path all the same, worn into the ground by years and years of trainers walking it, but unlike the roads which are maintained this path is left to the wild. And there has been some damage from a storm, Now and then you have to move a log with your powers and keep an eye out for holes and roots.

The deeper into the woods you go the rougher the path becomes.

And after a while longer the path is all but gone, washed out by what was probably little more than a stream, it had raised enough to overflow it’s banks.

Even if it didn’t look very risky it wasn’t worth trying to cross it.

“Alright, I’m putting the two of you back for now and trying to find a different path.” You tell the pokemon. Neither seems to happy but they let you recall them.

Heading back to a ways you spot something you missed the first time, A trail off to one side, it looked pretty clean and easy to walk down.

As you walk down it you get the feeling that something is watching you. But no matter where you look you don’t see anything, and even reaching out with your mind you can’t sense anything.

Going farther down the path the uneasy feeling just keeps getting stronger. It’s only when you decide to turn around that you feel it, something sticking to your skin.

It’s the feeling of spiderwebs, As you try to brush them off it just seems to pull more onto you, tangling you up and coating upi in more and more of the fine silk.

Several thick strands of silk shoots rain down from above coating you, moments later a large spider lowers down. It’s the largest Ariados you’ve ever seen.

It’s fangs are dripping with venom.

With the webs restricting your movements it would be difficult to get to one of you balls, But you could easily blast the spider with your powers.

Alright vote time


Vote ends Friday

Also if you have ideas for names for Ralts and Vulpix let me know and we can pick the most popular.
My Gard is named Ryia. I believe it was an Arthurian reference, but it's been like 3 years.
Something tells me becoming an incubator my have some long term health impacts that we don't want to deal with, so I'd say no to that one. Also, I had a Ralts in my old Pokémon save, but I deleted it to start an Nuzlocke run and I can't for the life of me remember what she was called...
Alright closing the vote early since it was so clear what was winning. And just so you know if you had let Ariados egg you, All that would have happened was you’d have gotten a sex scene and a Spinarak on the team.


The silk wrapped tight and tighter by the second as the Ariados grew closer, the venom on it’s fangs glistening even in what little light there was in the forest. The idea of getting pumped full of eggs isn’t very appealing to you, so with a split second of focus you send a blast of mental energy at the spider knocking it back several feet. It lacks the unique energy of a psychic pokemon though so it won’t be enough to stop it.

To do that you’ll need some help, using all the strength you can, as well as a little bit of telekinesis you get your hand free of the web and release Vulpix.

“No fire, Use Roar.” You order.

Nodding she opens her mouth and lets out a loud cry, not much of a roar but it seems good enough to scare off the Ariados which skitters off deep into the woods.

“Good job, Now very carefully burn away some of the silk.” You order. Vulpix breaths a tiny puff of flame out and incinerates enough of the thread that you can easily break free of the rest.

With your moments now unrestricted you start brushing away the silk “I think I’ll keep you out for now.” You say “I’ll leave her in the ball for now, Something like that would probably frighten her.” You say tapping the ball with Ralts in it.

“I just thought, you should have a good nose right?” You ask Vulpix in response she tilts her head up and blew a tiny puff of smoke out.

“Well then, even though there was a storm recently this is a pretty heavily traveled area. Think you can find a path that someone has used recently?” You ask.

Vulpix sniffs the air for a few seconds and fans her tails yipping. She starts walking along stopping to make sure you are following. Walking along after her you find that the path is thankfully rather clear, it seems that some others have been through here recently and got through pretty easily, After less than an hour you can see light from the outside of the forest.

“Good job, Looks like you found a shortcut even.” You say reaching down to give Vulpix a scratch behind the ear. She gives a proud growl as thanks.

As you leave the forest you come out into an open field, there’s no actual path near you, There are a lot of large boulders dotting the area though. But a quick look at the map on your pokedex shows that you are actually only half day from Pewter City, you’ll have to spend the night camping but that’s not too much of a problem.

Out of the forest you let release Ralts.

She looks around for a second and seem visibly relieved to not be in the woods, though you can feel it as well. As you travel along the open field you turn on your pokedex radio, While the sounds of nature are pretty pleasant it’s a bit boring.

After a while you start to get hungry so set up to start lunch. “So I was thinking, You two want to practice a little after we finish eating?” You ask. Vulpix starts jumping up and down with excitement, Ralts seems a little less enthused but offers no complaint.

Finding a big flat stone you set up on it for your meal. The stone is pretty hot from being in the sun, But it’s not so hot that that you can’t tolerate it. Vulpix seems to find it ideal as she lays down basking in the warmth while Ralts stays on the ground, and in the shadow of the stone for that matter.

Prepping your meal you portion it out so that all three of you get some.

“Should probably get some pokemon food for you two when we hit town...And a bit of extra for whoever else joins us.”

You give Ralts the same general exercises you had to do back in training, Lifting and moving around stones and making patterns with them in the air. Good for fine tuning and concentration.

Vulpix you have do some target practice with some nearby stones. There are a few good sized ones rest around the area, you are close enough to Pewter that some good sized boulders are around.

Ralts quickly gets the hang of the practice and is soon able to start making simple shapes with the pebbles. Vulpix also seems to be having a lot of fun blasting the nearby stones with her flames.

“Guess back near Pallet you didn’t have many things you could blast without starting a blaze, huh?” You ask looking at the scorched boulders. It’s pretty impressive how many boulders there are out here. They sort of remind you of home in some way, perhaps because they stand out so much in the otherwise empty field, Almost the way the skyscrapers stood out back home.

As you reminisce you catch sight of a rather odd rock, It almost looks like it’s...moving...Just as you reach for your pokedex to see if it is a pokemon Vulpix unleashes a torrent of flame at it.
As the fire hits it the rock turns around and lets out a bellowing roar, And you can now say for sure that it is a pokemon, A Rhyhorn to be precise, A very angry Rhyhorn to be even more precise.

A very angry, charging Rhyhorn to be as precise as possible.

It’s bearing down on you at top speed. Jumping straight up you levitate yourself avoiding the attack. Vulpix however is not as luck and takes a powerful tackle sending her flying, she lands several feet away with a heavy thump.

You reach out to her mentally right away, she’s in some pain but isn’t badly injured. Even inexperienced Pokemon are a lot tougher than humans, that hit would have probably left you in the hospital for a month but Vulpix will be fine in a few hours. Though with Rhyhorn about to charge again you aren’t too sure how well she’ll take another hit like that.

The Rhyhorn paws at the ground and rushes forward Vulpix gets back to her feet and spews a powerful burst of fire at it, which it simply runs trough and smashes into her sending her flying again, since you were still linked some of her pain surges into you. Enough to cause you to drop to the ground wincing.

Suddenly you sense something, a powerful wave of psychic energy from just behind you. Right where Ralts had been. Looking back you see a taller figure standing there, her horns have migrated to the sides of her head and her hair has grown longer. No longer is she wearing a long dress, But a skirt that shows off a pair of bright green legs.

“Kirlia!” she says lifting a hand up into the air, several blades of grass are up rooted and come together swirling over her head. With a flick she sends them at the Rhyhorn, the grass cuts into it sending small chunks of rocky hide scattering.

Before the Rhyhorn can process the attack Vulpix blast it again, though it does no real damage.

The stony beast seems confused as two which attacker it should focus on. And Kirlia takes advantage of that confusion by blasting it with another barrage of leaves. Assaulted from both sides the Rhyhorn seems to be getting worn down quickly. Seeing a good opportunity you take of of the empty pokeballs and toss it out. The Rhyhorn is pulled into it and after a few seconds the ball chimes confirming a catch.

With the danger cleared you breath a sigh of relief and turn you attention to Kirlia “You evolved!” you shout in excitement. She’s grown quite a bit in such a short amount of time.

“How did you do that?” You ask, you knew she was fairly powerful but she shouldn’t have been this close to evolving yet. Kirlia’s eyes glow and she shows you the image of yourself falling to the ground when you felt Vulpix’s pain. You can feel the emotions that she experienced in that moment, A mix of rage and concern. She had been so furious at the Rhyhorn not just for hurting you but Vulpix as well. Even though your time together has been short she already regards you as her family.

“I see, You really care about us.” You say patting her on the head “Well I wish you could have evolved under less...stressful circumstances. But the fact that you are so much stronger is good.”

“Kirla!” She says cheerfully the sensations of her emotions are stronger than before, much clearer. She’s overjoyed by your praise but there is a lingering trace of fear from seeing you drop to the ground.

“Alright, We’ll talk more later about this.” You tell her, You have a lot to discuss. But there are a few other things that are a bit more pressing for the moment. Vulpix for one thing.

“Are you alright?” You ask as you examine her, no broken bones or cuts that you can see. “Vul.” she calls out, Linking to her you can sense that the pain is already gone. She’s just fine, It’s pretty impressive how quickly she recovered.

“Next time we do target practice let’s make sure we know what you are aiming at.” You tell her, Vulpix nods quickly.

“Well one more thing to take care of.” You say looking down at the ball holding the Rhyhorn. Reaching into it with your mind you feel...well not very much. It’s not even angry anymore, it’s actually seems to have forgotten that it was made at all.

“So not very bright…” You mutter.

“This one is a part of our team nw, So no fighting.” You say just to be clear to the others. Vulpix nods perfectly fine with things, Kirla folded her arms and frowned but accepted it.

Releasing it the Ryhorn looks at you and the others and then just starts eating grass. Reaching into it’s mind...if you can call it that you get only dimmest sense of anything. It has no desire to fight, no grudge...Nothing just the grass it’s chewing on at the moment and even that is hardly a real thought.

“Wow…” Is all you can say, never before have you encountered a mind so empty and simple..Like a blank slate. A small idea enters into your mind.

You grasp hold of what tiny sliver of mind there is and make the pokemon take a few steps to the side. Then backwards.

Then you have it charge into a boulder, the huge stone shatters into pieces and Rhyhorn doesn't seem to notice that you are flat out controlling it, Almost like when you would guide a toy car through a maze during your training.

“Well this will be fun.” You say smiling widely as you recall an event you caught on T.V.

“I think we’ll be getting to Pewter earlier then I thought, though you two will need to go back in your balls.” You tell the two.

Vulpix has no issues with it but Kirla huffs and you get a very clear message from her that she does not want to go back.

“I know you probably want to stay out since you just evolved, But it’ll be easier if you are in the ball.” You tell her,

She shakes her head “Kir.” She doesn't want to be apart from you right now, She’s worried about you getting hurt again. She’s genuinely afraid for your safety, Not just from the Rhyhorn but also because of what happened with the Ariados.

“Wait how do you know about that?” You ask.

“La.” She picked it up at the moment she evolved.

“Well don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Kirla.” She standing firm on this.

It’s clear that it’s pointless to argue with her about this so you agree to let her go along with you.

“Alright, You’ll need to hold on tight..” You say bringing Rhyhorn over, Making it lay down you hop up onto it’s back, finding a groove that seems pretty comfortable. You have Kirla sit in your lap and then make Rhyhorn get up.

(Rhyhorn racing looked like a lot of fun...Kind of wish I had a saddle though.) You think before you urge it on, starting off a little slow you just try to get a feel for it going in small circles. Once you have a good feel for controlling it you start heading in the direction of the city. As you get more comfortable you start making Rhyhorn pick up speed.

Getting faster the ride starts getting a little rough, bouncing up and down on the hard skin of the pokemon is’t very comfortable, But it is fast. You have to use one hand to grip a couple of spikes like handles. Kirla puts her hands over yours using her powers to hold on. As she does you can feel a little trace of something leaks through the bond. It’s faint but you can pick up on something that Kirla is trying to hide.

Whatever it is sinks quickly into the lower depths of her mind, to see it would require probing deeper which she would easily detect it so you put that aside for the moment.

Keeping the speed low enough that you won’t fall off but fast enough to cover a lot of ground gets you to Pewter city just as it’s getting dark.

Most of the shops seem to be closed for now.

So you do the only thing that makes sense and head to the pokemon center, Hopping off you recall Rhyhorn and head in.

You are greeted by a very familiar face and voice.

“Welcome to the Pewter City Pokemon Center.” It’s Nurse Joy. Just like the one from Saffron City, Well almost the same, you’ve heard the stories and met a few of them in the past. One giant family of women who all have the same pink hair and blue eyes.

“Hi, Can you take a look at these two.” You ask handing over Vulpix and Rhyhorn’s pokeballs.

“Of course.” She says taking them away into the back room.

As she tends to them you head to a couch and sit down with a sigh. Kirla sits down next to you sighing as well.

“It’s been a pretty eventful day, huh?” You ask with a small laugh.

“Kirl.” She aggress.

“So...tomorrow I think we should hit up the Gym, I don’t really know a lot about Brock other than he uses Rock types, So your Magical Leaf will be useful.” You say. Brock is supposed to be pretty good, but he’s never really done anything big enough to get any matches on TV or anything.

As you zone out thinking about what kind of match you’ll have Nurse Joy approaches and bends over as she returns the two pokemon to you. When she does you get a good look at her figure, just like the Joy back in Saffron she’s pretty cute.

“These two are just fine.” She says with a sweet smile.

A small idea drifts into your mind, You really didn’t do much with Cyan the other day and from what you’ve heard most of the Joy’s are actually pretty open to fooling around with trainers who are passing through.

As you consider that you pick up a trace of irritation from Kirla. But it quickly gets pushed down where you can’t sense it any longer. She’s hiding something…

“You know I kind of envy you trainers.” Joy says without warning “You have such easy lives, Traveling all the time, no real responsibilities...Not like me. I love this job but working in a town with a gym means I hardly get any time to relax.”

“Huh?” you ask suddenly distracted from what you had been thinking about with Kirla.

“What?” She ask back looking genuinely confused.

It takes a second for you to realize what happened, You slipped up and read her mind by mistake, it wasn’t exactly a repressed thought, to anyone with even a small amount of psychic ability she may as well have a flashing billboard over her head.

“Sorry...I’m kind of psychic and well I picked up a thought of yours.” You admit. One of the main lessons you were taught was to be honest about these kinds of things.

Joy blushes. “Oh...My..umm...I really do love my job.” She stammers out “Don’t misunderstand that, I wouldn’t really want to be a trainer, I’m sure that it actually is pretty stressful, and I don’t really think all trainers are bums.”

So apparently she’s more concerned with what you think about her thoughts then the fact that you heard them, And she had a little something that you didn’t pick up.

“That’s fine, I’m sure working as a nurse isn’t easy at all.” You tell her “And I bet it does build up a lot of stress.” You consider offering to help with that stress, it would help her alot and by extension all the trainers who visit, As well as give you some fun.

As you speak you sense that tiny feeling flare up from Kirla again.

You have some idea of what’s going on but can’t decide if now is the best time to deal with it.


What are you going to do tonight?


Vote ends Sunday, unless it's stupidly one sided.