Out of character:

This'll be a lesbian-oriented game, with switch content, either dom or sub depending on choices made. Or both! Probably both. Most updates will only have one or two votes, this first part is a special case for ~character creation~. It may be a while to reach anything particularly erotic, especially any kind of hard-core mind-controlly stuff. I'm aiming for more 'plot with porn' than the other way around. Do people still use PWP? I feel old.

I'm very open to write-in suggestions. If they're popular enough and/or I like them I may rerun a poll or just go with the write-in choice outright.

Some notes on character creation. All of the choices will have some impact on the overall 'difficulty' of the game, but our talent has the biggest weight in that regard. 'Perfect memory' is a photographic/eidetic memory, the ability to perfectly recall anything after seeing it once. It's quiet compared to the other talents but it'll be pretty powerful in several of the events I have planned; I'd recommend voting for it if you want to see a underdog character who succeeds (or fails, but in a sexy way) through hard work, cleverness, and determination.

Psionics, meanwhile, is a supernatural ability to interact with other people's minds, and I expect it to be the winning choice considering the audience. In this setting it's a well-known ability possessed by a significant percentage of the population, and can be defended against in several ways. In other words it's not any sort of instant-win button, but it's a powerful tool if we make wise choices.

'Magic' is the Special Snowflake option. It's 'person in a pointy hat casting fireball' style magic, and extremely rare in this setting, especially among humans. If you want to see our heroine (eventually) Charm Person'ing people into mindless thralls, this is the choice for you.