Fate/Apocrypha is getting a TV anime. Honestly, I'm getting kinda annoyed at how much Type-Moon has been milking Fate. The Tsukihime remake was announced way back in 2008, yet it seems to have been mostly forgotten, aside from the occasional reminder that it's being worked on every few years. Mahoyo was also supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, but it too also seems to have been put on hold.
Hell, Nasu even stated that CCC would be his final entry to the Fate franchise, and look how things have turned out since then.

Apocrypha had a strong start and some pretty cool concepts, but it falls apart due to the author being unable to properly manage such a large cast, laughably bad attempts at romance, and having an unlikable and unnecessary main character. I might still check it out just for the fight scenes, which were actually pretty cool.