happy new year hypnohub. ! hope we have another year of wonderful hypno stuff~

crazyman said:
how about cloning procedure, but something went wrong in the middle of it?
i question the sanity of anyone who would ever think its a good idea to clone me.

No1 said:
Favorite Pokemon?
Favorite eevelution?

Do you like Minecraft or Sandbox games?

DC or Marvel?

Favorite Superhero?
my favorite pokemon is easily Tyrantrum. accept no substitutes.

my favorite eveelution is probably umbreon. i dont have a particular attachment to any of them but umbreon was the first one i ever got.

nah im pretty picky about the games i play so i havent really played any sandbox games

to be honest i dont even know the difference between DC and marvel. ;_;

i was never really a fan of super heroes. i guess if i had to pick one itd be either spidermand because liked venom as a villain or daredevil because im a hipster and i actually liked the daredevil movie.

DaisyHypnoCharm said:
Earlier in this thread, you wrote that you have some desire to be in control.
Have you ever thought about being like this with Kaa, and show him who is the Queen ?
Or is he your absolute god ?
when i say id like to be in control that pertains to real life. as far as hypnosis pictures go a lot of people tend to prefer when im the sub so i leave any domming to evilka. though that being said i never considered kaa to be an absolute god lol.

strangeperson said:
What's your favorite holiday?
hmm i think my favorite holiday is halloween. i just like the fun/spooky atmosphere of it and i have a tradition of just marathoning horror movies all day or sometimes going trick or treating and dressing up for the lols. its just a fun time~