No1 said:
Tyrantrum,Simple design but overall a fearsome wall breaker with a nice design :D,High 5 Umbreon is my fav. too,On the difference between dc and marvel is quite big and depends if you are a fan of characters with a lot of virtues and few flaws or a lot of flaws but one virtue. And my favorite superheroes are:
Captain america
its a bit more of a simple reason for me as i just really LOVE dinosaurs and im happy they finally made a dinsosaur dragon type. tyrantitar was pretty cool but not a dragon which also happens to be my favorite type~ ... also hell yeah umbreon club wooo. ! ... though thats alli can really say because i know very very little about super heroes. i dont even really watch the movies. X_X

RedCollarBlackCollar said:
3 Quick Questions:

>What inspired the recent comic where Mrs. Erickson helps you become "more willing" to get "friendlier" with female friends? Clearly was a big hit right out the gate :3

>Outta the many characters you've been featured with, who would you like to be featured with more, as you perhaps think there are an underwhelming number of posts featuring you and that character?

>Lastly, are there any characters you haven't been featured with that you'd like to be?
1. when i commission something i rarely have an idea on my own i usually brainstorm with the artist to come up with an idea we both like. in this case zko and i came up with it. though coming up with a reason why erickson would hypnotize me was tricky so we related back to a problem i actually have.

2. hmm good question. ive probably been featured with kaa the most. rachel alucard would probably be in second place. ... there was one picture that amentibus drew featuring izanami from blazblue with myself and ive been liking her quite a bit. been considering commissioning another picture with her in it. besides her no one else comes to mind. there are a lot of pairings that i havent had yet though and mixing it up is always nice too. there are a lot of characters i like that i havent commissioned with myself yet.

3. oh i actually replied to question two without reading three until just now so i guess my answer kinda lead to this one. there are a lot of characters whom i like from various anime/game/visual novels that ive seen whom id love to include in my commissions as well as other OCs from the hub as well. the hard part for me though is thinking of an idea for it to work. ... im awful with commission ideas.