Wienerman said:
Okay, so I know the update for Pokemon Bank comes out in January, but does anybody know what exact day it comes out? I know it's only the seventh right now, but I'm just about done playing Alpha Sapphire and I'm eagerly looking forward to combining my new captures with my old guard. So does anyone know the day it's supposed to be available?

In the meantime, I just want to get some second opinions on this: I have a narrative going on with my Pokemon games. I started it in SoulSilver where I named my character Batman (shocker, I know) and chose Cyndaquil. Before I'd even finished that game I'd started playing Y and chose Froakie. I named my character Batman there too, and before long I was making plans to eventually get all my Pokemon from SoulSilver into Y, which after a long time I eventually managed after completing Johto and Kanto (after which I chose the two Grass starters you can get from Oak and Steven). Then Alpha Sapphire came out, and I decided to do it again, and it was so worth it.

In each of those games, the fun for me is using brand-new Pokemon alongside the old ones. The first time I transferred Pokemon over, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Does anyone else ever get this feeling?
I get the feels,i have a shiny milotic that happened to get 3 IVS and a Calm Nature and i want to take her into SM :C