No1 said:
It is not Specified,i got a lot of friends i would love to transfer to my main game,
a Zard X
a Milotic
a competitive Rayquaza
And a Competitive Mega gallade(i wont be able to making it mega on SM)
So for all we know we really will have to wait until February? Dang. It's gonna be a tough few days. I have so many Pokemon from Alpha Sapphire that I want to transfer but I'm keeping them in the game for now because I don't want to risk anything happening to them in Bank. Usually when I transfer my Pokes with Bank, I wait until the right point in my new game, then transfer my Pokemon from my old game into Bank right before transferring them from Bank into my new game. It's a tedious process sometimes, but I'd gladly go through it to keep all of them.

I've recently hopped on the Gallade bandwagon too. Not competitive of course, but in general. None of my Psychic-types know Psycho Cut, but Gallade can, so I decided I'd get my hands on one. Oddly enough, I'm well past all opportunities to get a Dawn Stone in Alpha Sapphire, and the remaining ways to get one either depend too much on luck or are just too difficult. Luckily, I've got both Sun and Moon and cleared my game in Sun; I got a Dawn Stone after beating Guzma and traded it to Moon, so all I have to do now is transfer my Level 27-29 Kirlia (I forget what exact level it is) into Moon (where it can still thankfully learn Psycho Cut) and let the good times roll. But for all I know the update won't be out until late January or even February. :(