Pinkanator said:
How are you not even banned yet.
Jesus, so easily offended. Don't keep taking things personally.
Well that sucks. A lot. Even very much |=(:/

Not sure if your dad already knew what you were drawing but given his reaction you likely awaited for a better moment than that time to reveal it to him.

But eh, he has a point. Finish your college first and do it quickly. Having time gaps during your study doesn't look well on your CV.

shotaloli18 said:
How old are you?
Are you not yet old enough to no longer be bossed around by your dad?
Not everyone enjoying tertiary education has enough money to live on their own. Which means living at parents is the solution.

Likely Myuk's parents pay some of the study wages or want that Myuk graduates fast so he get a job for a living so his parents have their house for their own again.
Don't fight in this post please.
I will never understand that logic. I mean, confiscating I understand. But I'll never understand BREAKING things or even getting angry.
I personally think calm, head-to-head explanations and conversations go further than getting angry and yelling.
But yeah, I do get needing to get your grades back on track. I actually had to start taking fewer hours at work as well as pretty much cease video game playing all together due to my grades beginning to slide. It sucks, but I think it'll be worth it.
Hopefully things work out for you, and I hope we'll be seeing you back here with more art soon.
Ashy sends her regards
Ashurath said:
I'm sorry to hear that, your stuff was always nice to see
Sorry to hear your situation. I hope the tablet isn't broken, that's not cool =(

Do your best at school, for your own sake, and know that however long it might be we'll always be glad to see you (and your art) again.