averageguy17 said:
How is Nero Bride? I don't have her but I tried her once and found her hard to place on a team.
She's pretty good, more so for her skill kit (targetable NP Gauge buildup, targetable heal that also increases defense, and targetable attack up that gives a second buff alongside it, possibly Crit star absorption I think). Her Noble Phantasm is a single target Arts-based one, which makes her really useful when paired with Tamamo no Mae (due to Tamamo having a targetable Arts buff skill). She does best in Arts teams where the focus is to endure and do damage at the same time, while quickly building up the NP gauge to deal more damage through Noble Phantasms. Outside of using her in an Arts team, she's more a utility servant that you use to cover any weaknesses in your composition than anything.

She's no Okita, though. So don't expect her to be doing 150k damage without a lot of Arts up and Attack up buffs on her. Most I've done with her was around 132k with her NP on a Lancer, and that was after two attack up buffs and an Arts up buff. Good composition for her would probably be Bride/Tamamo/Waver to get some solid damage going, due to the buffs that Waver and Tamamo can grant her, as well as the debuffs Waver can do to the enemy party.