Mezzberry said:
So, bottom line: if you critique my work with 'uncanny valley,' at best I will ignore it. At worst, I will...I dunno, scowl menacingly at my monitor, and possibly vent to a close friend about it. I'm not a vindictive person and won't be planning elaborate acts of vengeance if you should bring it up, and I don't want to make anyone who has brought it up in the past feel guilty over it ^^ I just thought it fair play to be open about how much it wounds me to hear that. You are more than within your right to feel that way about my work and vocalize your opinion as such, and I am more within my right to take issue with it.
Oh shut up Mezz, cmon.
No but seriously, I don't blame ya for venting about such a frustrating thing. Just remember though how we really love your stuff here, and with the recent commission ya put out, it was really amazing. Don't get so caught up in it bud, you're doing some incredible work :)