Zermelane said:
Also, from the other side of the table: I have a friend who's recently been getting into making music, and every now and then he sends me a song and asks me what I think about it - and it's actually really frustrating to only barely be able to explain what you like or don't like in what he's doing. I mean, presumably if a work is neither absolutely perfect nor absolutely horrible, you should be able to both point out something about it that you like and something you don't?

But I know barely any music terminology, and basically every song I've heard in my life has been a produced, finished work. I try to be as helpful as I can, so I say things like "this is kinda bouncy" or "okay, this thing that comes in at 0:44 sounds goofy to me", but I just don't have the context to *really* be useful in pointing out strengths and flaws in order to help him develop his skill.

And, well, it's kinda the same with art. I've drawn maybe a few stick figures over the last decade, and those were in technical diagrams. Every now and then there's something really specific and easy to point at that's wrong with a picture, but mostly, well, they just look a certain way, and I'm not really sure how they came to be that way except as the result of some nebulous process of the artist subtly doing things one way or another. I could see myself saying "uncanny valley" about really well-drawn art, because it reflects my emotional reaction, and that might be the only thing I have a good enough understanding of to verbalize. Mostly, though, I just don't provide critique at all, because it'd simply be pointless coming from me.
Yea Hence my comment about often being when trying to be helpful it being like "Something feels off but I can't put a finger on it" like I don't know the anatomical or artistic term for it but I might consider just opening it in paint or something and putting red circles down but I'm not sure if that's being too much a jerk or not.