ive made quite a few manips involving blank or dull eyes i use more then one program because

1. i don't have photoshop
2. i find photoshop confusing to use at times

Here is are a couple of examples of blank/dull eyes that i've done in the past

To make the eyes first you want you have the right face typically i like to use half open eyes with an open mouth because you have to have the right face to make a convincing manip. Once i have a good image to edit i open it in a program called Paint.net a free alternative to photoshop which i find easier to use. Next i create 2 new layers naming them color1 and color2.

Next using the color picker tool i select the darkest color in the characters eyes and the lightest color in the characters eyes. Then in color1 i completely color the eyes with the dark color. Then in color2 i color the bottom half of the eyes with the light color. Going over what i just colored in color1. Then i save it.

Next i open the newly saved image in paint tool Sai. I select the blur tool and blur the edges of where the light and dark colors meet. What you get is a blending effect of the two edges. The result is the links above. It's a simple effect to accomplish but i do it 2 programs but it can be done in one program depending on what program you use. Reason i like using Sai for just my blurring is because paint.net doesn't have a blurring tool.