JksAccount said:
I can get behind that idea. I mean come on, we've got to be as cutthroat as possible, as that's clearly what's expected of us. However, we shouldn't target Aya because she already seems to be at a disadvantage, and not Katarina because she's probably too much of sneak herself to not notice.
I wouldn't necessarily say we're expected to be cutthroat... though there's some disconnect in-game and out-of-game. In-game Sophia is definitely expecting it, because the post of Grand Alchemist is a very politically important position. At least, it is now, Sophia's predecessor was much more hands-off and consumed with her own research (a philosophy which kinda fucked a lot of things).

Out-of-game it'll be entirely viable to be a goody-two-shoes. It'll just, be a rather submissive playthrough. Taking the initiative and messing with other people will be a pretty consistent way to see scenes where Tessa is dominant.

Not particularly related, but what gives you the impression that Aya is at a disadvantage? The mention of her nebulous 'circumstances'?