Pinkanator said:
Sea of Holes

Humanoid covered in spots, anime hair, and sunglasses. various neon colours that never stay consistent, because it's jojo.

You remember that one Spider-Man villain, the Spot? Yeah, totally forgot he existed. So, all the spots are interconnected. punch in one, it comes out another. Practically impossible to hit like that. The spots can be removed from the body, and thrown a reasonable distance for dumb anime fights, and stay there, only removable by the stand itself. the stand can now stick pull itself through itself into the hole, or punch into itself. However, the space where the spot was removed, is now empty, and is vulnerable to attack. As you can probably figure, the more spots removed, the more vulnerable to attack, and the stand itself isn't exactly the most durable. The spots will never fade however, so they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as simple transportation, to hidden surveillance.
So basically he can do Gargos portal punches?
Defcon7 said:
So basically he can do Gargos portal punches?
I wish I could find the thing I made for Pink describing the stand better.
Defcon7 said:
So basically he can do Gargos portal punches?
STAND NAME: Hotline Miami.

Power: You're no friend of mine.
Allows the user to manifest phones in a large radius (city wide), anyone who answers these phones are imbued with masks that only other stand users can see. The masks allow the stand user to control their directive, however, for the duration of the effects, they become mute, hyper-alert, and will do everything in their power to preform whatever action was instructed via the phone connection. The effect can last up to a week, or until the mask is forcefully removed or destroyed by other stand users. The upper limit on the amount of people who can be affected is 26, each one being represented by a different animal mask. While under the effects of a mask, the user is capable of seeing stands, but cannot harm them. If the user survives the ordeal, they awake with no memory and a severe headache after the effect has ended.

Power: N/A
Speed: N/A
Durability: N/A
Range: A
Precision: N/A
Potential: A

Edit: Should mention that this stand was used in a Jojo fate game where the purpose of the game was to overthrow a rival gang of stand users in vegas. we mostly used video-game themed stands. At one point we were escorting a vampire while one of my controlled puppets was vehicle surfing swatting bullets with a stop sign.

Second Edit: The phones were always technicolor and looked off, even to normal people, and could easily be seen as a stand by other stand users.