Sammynona Author Discussion Thread
Hi everybody, this is Sammynona. I write mind control erotica on mcstories, tumblr and patreon. Since I commission a couple of artists to make art based on my stories it was suggested to me that I start a thread so people can discuss the art and stories while also throwing any questions they have at me! To start off I've been a follower of hypnohub for a few years now, and mcstories is where I first really got into the hypnosis fetish. I loved it so much that I wanted to give back, and since I can't draw I decided to try writing, and people seem to be enjoying it so far. I plan to keep commissioning artists to make illustrations for the stories and original pieces based on the characters, both as a way of finding new readers but also to give back awesome erotica art to the community and support the fantastic artists who make it. As I said feel free to throw any questions at me or discuss the stories and I'll be sure to get back to this thread as much as I can.

I'm going to try to keep links for the artwork here and update it as it goes. I mostly use AWMBH because he's a great guy and a fan of my stuff, but I hope to start branching out to other artists too. If any artists enjoy my stuff and would like to be paid to draw some stuff feel free to reach out!
RedCollarBlackCollar said:
Well, that's why I'd hope for some sorta exclusive/limited print run of these with the illustrations, tho I understand how that aint easy to pull off.
Still, just saying how I'd love to see that if you ever do it. Glad you're sharing the pics here with us ^___^
And hey, maybe someday I'll do some fan art/comic after reading one of the stories if I'm digging it :)
So again, ik it can be a lotta work, but do you ever think you'd do some sorta small/limited print run of your stories with illustrations? While I can speak for myself wanting one (the Snake Goddess story in particular I'm currently reading + throughly enjoying), I figure you could ask people here + on your patreon if they'd pick up a copy. That way, you can scope things out as to get an idea of how many copies to make.

That aside, I guess I'll ask a proper question about yourself:
What gotcha into writing these stories, and around what time did this all take off to begin with? Even if it's a fairly simple backstory to all this, can't help but ask as I'm curious bout it.
I remember that Slaves of the Snake Goddess story. That was a really really good one.