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    These are all full bodied, or close to full bodied pricing.

    [ Do's & Don'ts ]
    Looking at my gallery either HERE or on pixiv, should give you a good idea of what I'm capable of.

    I'm open to also going outside of my range and trying other things. Judging from some of my other works HERE, HERE, or HERE - for non Danganronpa stuff, you can see what I can try (though those are old, so I'd like to feel I've improved since then). If desired, I will try to aim to be closer to the original style - like I did with Watamote , or I can imitate a more Danganronpa-esque style. Up to you!

    It's probably easier to list what I won't (or not comfortable yet) in doing:
    - Full Mecha
    - Extreme Bara
    - Scat
    - Watersports
    - Vomit play
    - Death
    - Hard Guro
    - Politics
    - Hate Art [Any of the "isms"]

    How It Works
    • Contact me [either through DM or email spoiler to let me know you're interested and are okay with my prices. Please put something related to the commission in the subject so that I know what it is. I prefer to eventually move to email as it's easier to keep track of, and to share the image public pre-posting.
    • We'll discuss the image and I'll confirm or politely reject the commission. This includes letting me know if I can post it to the places that I normally post it, as well as any other important information I need to know regarding sharing the image. This is also where you let me know if you want to remain anonymous or named.
    • Once accepted and you're ready for me to do this commission, send 50% of the non-refundable payment. Note: You may pay all at once, where 50% is refundable under certain circumstances. Once it's reaching the colouring stage, there are no refunds.
    • I work on your piece! I'll show you a WIP right before I do the lineart if you want it, where you can make your changes and observations. I will show one further WIP (or sequences) relating to the colours if need be where you can tell me if colours are wrong. If I am missing important details (accessories, colour palette, etc) that was previous discussed, this is also where you tell me.
    • You make the final payment, and I send you the full res PNG of the image! Which is at least 2800x3500, 3500x2800, or 3500x3500 @ 300-350dpi on average.
    *CURRENT* PRICES [Via Paypal]

    Cel-Shaded: $30 + $15 per additional character (up to 3 total).
    Soft-Shaded: $35 + $15 per additional character (up to 3 total)
    Solid Colour Background or Transparent Background: Default - $0
    BG: +$5+ (will discuss. Examples work best for you to show me what type you are looking for).
    Comics: Single Page Comics Only, atm, unless previously discussed. Price will have to be discussed and will, by default, cost more than the base prices of non-comics.
    I am on vacation, one could say, so while I may be a bit slower atm, there are slots still open if you'd like to note/email me~ =^.^=

    Comments here are also welcome!
    Feel free to note me if you're not sure if I'm up for something!

    Just because I haven't done it yet, doesn't mean there isn't a chance I won't give it a try~!
    BlackWidow69x said:
    Feel free to note me if you're not sure if I'm up for something!

    Just because I haven't done it yet, doesn't mean there isn't a chance I won't give it a try~!
    Do you roleplay at all?
    CJO1234 said:
    Do you roleplay at all?
    Sorry! I do not roleplay anymore! ;;
    Vacation over!

    Still have open slots!
    All slots currently open!