LittleToyMaker said:
Got new stuff!

Or rather, kind of old stuff. I did it a while back and never bothered to actually add in the dialog until just now.

First off, here's a fun one. Don't like Bimbofication? Well how about NERDIFICATION!?

This next one doesn't actually have MC in it, though it does feature transformation, so I figured I'd post it here too:

And here's a hypnosis quickie:
And once again they're all wonderful. That robot-to-human one was heartwarming.
NamesAreForTheWeak said:
And once again they're all wonderful. That robot-to-human one was heartwarming.
Thanks :)
Here's another. This time, a demonic possession!
Found a phone prop and I couldn't resist making something like this. Had to make the center transparent and my photoshop skills are kind of shitty so it doesn't look the best, but it works.
hi people, some of you might know me, I did some hentai comics with kisekae, recently I have being creating some manips integrating kisekae pics with them, anyway, I thougt maybe Y could leave some simple images here,
the girls tranformed in figurines
Dolly, the mascot in my most resent manip
Storyless xD but few my friends found it cute, so I posting it
Oh wow, has it really been this long since I posted something here? Well technically I've made other stuff but it wasn't really hypno-oriented so I couldn't post it here...

But now I have something to share!

Warning: Contains Loli -

I can't figure out how to get it to change the way the album is viewed. Stupid Imgur, changing shit again. Oh well, this'll do.
Attempting to revive the thread with this. There's no story here, just an older sister hypnotizing her little sister on a stage show.

I've been thinking of doing some story type comics with these characters and a whole bunch of other ones I have laying around, but I'd have no idea where to start.

LittleToyMaker said:

But now I have something to share!

Warning: Contains Loli -
Also this some good shit. Keep it up, I'd hate to see you stop.
And now I've gone and put effort into one of these, now we have something with text.

Here's a mother brainwashing her son and jerking him off. I don't know if it falls into shota, but hey, warning just in case you ain't into that shit.

Also, I don't know what happened with the compression, but for some reason it looks pretty bad, especially compared to the first one I posted. I saved the file after editing it in Photoshop as a .png, so I don't know what could have caused this, I'm honestly pretty new to this kind of thing. I guess it's better that this got fucked up than something I put even more effort into.
I'm really loving all of this Kisekae shit, been playing around with it for awhile. Still getting used to it.
So I've been fooling around with kisekae and while I've been having fun making characters with it, I realized I don't have the skills or patience to make stories/sequences like LittleToyMaker and the others do. I suppose I could just give them empty eyes and expressionless faces, but it seems kinda lazy to just do the same with every girl.

Anyway, I tried making the female Elite Four members from Pokemon (I wasn't able to properly make Drasna, sorry), I'm not satisfied with how Karen's hair ended up, but kisekae currently doesn't have many options for long and/or wavy bangs.

I tried making the girls from Amagi Brilliant Park, but there's now way to properly make the outfits for the elemental girls, same thing happened when I tried making the Highschool DxD girls. I guess I could just put them in swimsuits or lingerie, I'll probably post them later after I'm done with the finishing touches.
So I made Mrs. Erickson in kisekae- no sample pic to show, but here's the export code- feel free to play around with her or make edits (I feel I'm not too good at the finer details, face,hair, etc.)