Chaos CYOA prep thread
Aaah, I awake from my long slumber to see...
Oh, all the Cyoa's I followed faded into obscurity.

Well, might as well try and get my writing abilities running.

I plan to use as basis.

However, I have the suspicion that leaving the worldbuilding up to the readers choice would turn it into something similar as we had several times before. Therefore I shall spice it up and roll an online dice for every topic.
Except for the Mode that will be either Harem Builder or Mind war.

The character will be built with proposals for one ability at a time, voting and then rolling based on the votes
(For example: A wants Technology Nanomachines as ability, B wants Wants Hacking and C wants Pheromones.
I would then post a strawpoll with each of the abilities.
Say that A would get 3, B would get 2 and C get's also 3.
I would then use one of the weirdly formed online dice to roll: 1, 2, 3 = A, 4, 5 = B, 6, 7, 8 = C)

Due to my disdain to furries, I shall elegantly replace them with Monstergirls.

Finally, to make Macchiavellian Keikakus fun again, I will use a simple dice system based on a pen&paper.

Mode: Either Mind War or Harem Builder
Character Mode:
Tech Level:
Magic Level:
Psionic Level:
Superpower Level:
f̶̶u̶̶r̶̶r̶̶y̶ Mamono Level:
Character Type:

Very well then, without further ado, let's start with a strawpoll for the game mode!
Another CYOA? Count me in, I live for these things. Incidentally, the objectively superior choice is Mind War.
Admittedly, Monstergirls is more inclusive than furry...

... Also *Bows in apology*
This should be neat. And i still have one CYOA going and rebooting another.
Okay, the first votes are in.
I let it run until approximately 3 hours from now on and then start the next.
Altough you can already make your proposals for the character mode.
Big Damn you or Mary Sue.
In my opinion, I feel like we may be better off with Joe Average, because having too many trait points leads to you basically just having all the traits, which makes a less fun character and removes a lot of the hardship frim the game.
Now that I think about it, I could just roll an online d10 to determine how many skillpoints we have.
Ehrenmannchimäre said:
Now that I think about it, I could just roll an online d10 to determine how many skillpoints we have.
It would certainly fit the randomisation theme you're going with.
The vote has ended with the result:
Mindwar 3
Harem Builder 1
Harem Builder(Hard) 1
Mind War(Hard) 1

So now I shall do one roll of a d6, the number of eyes will be:

1, 2, 3 Mind War
4 Harem Builder
5 Harem Builder(Hard)
6 Mind War(Hard)

Now... Alea iacta est.

Gentleman Chimaera, rolled 2 using 1d6 ((2))

And that concludes it!
The Game mode shall be Mind War!
Next Poll. This time for Character type.
Don't forget to make proposals for Tech Level next!
Ed: On second thought, I give the random one a d12 instead of a d10. The chance will still be low, but it also will be possible to get something better. Sorta to even the odds that you can technically be left with 1 skill point.
megahellreaper said:
This might help.
I already have something, but still thanks for the intent.
Big Damn You (7 Points) 5
Mary Sue (10 Points) 3
Radical Sandwich Anarchist (Just roll an d10) 3
Joe Average (4 Points) 1

Now with a roll of a d120, the number of eyes will be:
Big Damn You (7 Points) 1-50
Mary Sue (10 Points) 51-80
Radical Sandwich Anarchist (Just roll an d10) 81-110
Joe Average (4 Points) 111-120

Alea iacta est.

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 59 using 1d120 ((59)).

And that concludes it!
The Character type will be Mary Sue!

Now finally make proposals for the Tech level:
Well, I'm personally rather fond of flintlock fantasy and am therefore kind of inclined to go for Muskets of Modernity, but I don't really feel it would be that conducive to a mind control story. As such, I'm going to say Atoms and Adverts.
I'm going to say Technology of tomorrow so we can get robot girls
JksAccount said:
Well, I'm personally rather fond of flintlock fantasy and am therefore kind of inclined to go for Muskets of Modernity, but I don't really feel it would be that conducive to a mind control story. As such, I'm going to say Atoms and Adverts.
You know, you don't have to think in that terms.
Everything can be made fitting together, so I will take both of them in the candidate list.
Again, don't chose anything based on what you believe to work or not.
Figuring out how this world makes sense is going to be my job and I will do it.
So don't fear using Nanomachines in a Renaissance Setting, I will think of a way that works.
Also, Mind Control and Hypnosis can be sneaked into pretty much everything, so don't think about that stuff.
Eh, I think I leave the "asking what choices should be available"-part until the Character Creation starts and it actually matters.
Anyhow, here are the Strawpolls for:
World Type:
Magic Level:
ESP Level:
Superpowers Level:
Monstergirl Level:
And Tone:
Once this is done, we can start with the Character type.
With this the voting for the world ends:
Now let's see what we got:
World Type
Technology of Tomorrow 7 1-70
Staples of Steampunk 6 71-130
Far-Flung Future 5 131-180
Atoms and Adverts 3 181-210
Peasants and Princesses 2 211-230
Muskets of Modernity 2 231-250
Invention of Industry 2 251-270

Magic Level
Advanced Arcana 10 1-100
Mystical Mysteries 6 101-160
Mundane Matters 2 161-180

Psionic Level
Twinge of Telepathy 7 1-70
Mentalist Mania 7 71-140
The Quiet Cortex 4 141-180

Superpowers Level
Naive Normalcy 8 1-80
Metahuman Mayhem 6 81-140
Superhuman Start 3 141-170

̶f̶̶u̶̶r̶̶r̶̶y̶ Monstergirl Level
Mix and Match 12 1-120
Touch Fluffy Tail 6 121-180
Simple Skin 4 181-220

Tone of the Story
Dark 3 1-30
Medium 11 31-140
Bright 3 141-170

Okay, may the dice roll!

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 251 using 1d270 ((251))
Invention of Industry is the World Type chosen!

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 173 using 1d180. Magic Level.
Mundane Matters is our Magic level!

Gentleman Chimaera, rolled 101 using 1d180. Psionic Level.
Mentalist Mania is the Chosen Psionic Level

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 97 using 1d170. Superpower Level.
Metahuman Mayhem is our Superpower Level.

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 138 using 1d220. ̶f̶̶u̶̶r̶̶r̶̶y̶ Monstergirl Level.
Touch Fluffy Tail is our Monster girl level.

Gentleman Chimaera rolled 77 using 1d170. Tone of the world.
And with that, the tone of the story is medium.
Okay, to summarize what we got so far:
Mode: Mind War
Character Mode: Mary Sue
Tech Level: Invention of Industry
Magic Level: Mundane Matters
Psionic Level: Mentalist Mania
Superpower Level: Metahuman Mayhem
f̶̶u̶̶r̶̶r̶̶y̶ Mamono Level: Touch Fluffy Tail
Tone: medium
An Setting playing in the industrialisation with no magic, but a load of Espers, Superhumans and Monster Girls with a medium tone.
Well, I will figure out how this abomination works somehow, so let's start with the character base.
Since the one in the original CYOA seems to be made for 1P, I vary it a bit:
Called one: You were a normal person in a different world, but one day, you got called in this one.
Born one: You were Truck-Kun'd and reborn in this world.
Born one+: You were Truck-Kun'd and reborn in this world as something special.
Oh man, this is looking promising~

I was keeping track of most of the CYOA's as they were going, so I'm glad something sprung up from this concept again
Heh, someone's into the isekai genre.
megahellreaper said:
Heh, someone's into the isekai genre.
Well, it was the first thing that came to my mind when seeing the things in the original
Character Type
Born one 4 1-40
Born one+ 4 41-80
Called one 2 81-100

And the dice says:
Gentleman Chimaera, rolled 71 using 1d100. Character Type

I make some proposals later once we have made our character.

Anyhow, here is where the Proposals start to shine:
We have 10 Points!
Write in what you want to be the first Trait. Only one at a time!
Well, naturally we'd want to be Attractive. ;)
Of course, that brings up the question of do we want to be just Attractive, or full-on Irresistible?
Iron Will, to fight off rivals.
I like the idea of taking just attractive, because I kinda don't want our character to be too powerful.
And the Voting is done.

Trait 1
Attractive (1p) 5 1-50
Iron Will (2p) 4 51-90
Irresistible (2p) 1 91-100
Alea Iacta Est.
Gentleman Chimaera rolled 15 using 1d100. Trait 1.
And that makes Attractive the first trait.
9 Points remaining, make proposals for trait 2. Don't be shy.
This isn't normally something I'd suggest, but I feel like switching it up a little. How about Shapeshifter (The 3p one, not the 4p one)?
I would get crazy rich it cost 2p and it can be really useful for every situation