[POLL] Drawing by Committee, round 3
One brain-drained cheerleader, coming up! Now for location, location, location...: http://www.strawpoll.me/14144632

Congratulations to our soon-to-be-enthralled cheerleader! Go here to vote on how she'll be hypnotized: http://www.strawpoll.me/14122650

Round 1 is closed, and it's... too close to call! X)
Time for a runoff between the top three! Go here to vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/14114611
This mini-round closes in just 24 hours, so the winner at 6:30 PM Eastern tomorrow will take home the trance trophy!

This is a project where I conduct three rounds of polling to shape a drawing that I'll do in the future. Check out the first poll here to decide who gets hypnotized!

I've done this once before, but the poll was only on DA. People voted for 1. a goth chick, 2. hypnotized by a pet collar, 3. in a pet store. The result was this: http://hypnohub.net/post/show/51402/bikini_bottom-black-wave-collar-comic-corset-dark_
This time, I'd like to extend polling to Hub folks as well. So, the five runners-up from the previous poll are back, as well as five new options. I haven't decided how long to run the poll yet, it will depend on the volume of the response. Hope you're almost as excited for this as I am. =D
Definite vote for F. Bodysuit/jumpsuit stripping is always fun.
Grumpy bunny Samus all the way
I appreciate the input. =D I'll leave this open for a few more days~.
Plenty of votes to go on at this point, but I'm going to leave this up until the weekend's over. It's very close, so make sure you go vote for your favorite!