Up for some RP!
Heya! Just thought i would make a post for anyone looking for some hypno RP fun over Discord! Up for any fetish and playing any role!

I also have a big list of monster girls ive made which might help :P check them out here! http://charmed.forumotion.com/t645-monster-girl-collectible-card-profiles-villainesses#8310

Feel free to add me on Discord (Lady Malboro#4028) or send me a message to chat and have some fun!
Damn those are some NICE looking girls...I mean cards
Female on Female roleplay here I come 0w0
Hope I'm not too late. Sent a friend request on Discord and a message on here.
What if I like ERP, but don't have discord? I'm kinda shit at RPing anyway, and even then hypno RP isn't what I'm interesting in RPing in, despite this being a hypno fetish forum.