TheMadPrince said:
Hey, this is pretty good (though the VA is godawful) ! Is there any more in the game itself ? Have you tried it ?
Nope...but every ending you make this girl your slave xD!
Well...i'm not a big fan of "Malesub" but in KH Birth By Sleep Terra is Mind Controlled by Maleficent.
There's a couple mind control bits in the underrated but very glitchy Freedom Force.

For reference, Freedom Force is a tactical RPG based on old-school Silver Age superhero comics. It's similar to the X-Men Legends games, but with original characters doing their best Adam West impressions and a focus on planning out your attacks.

The three examples that come to mind:

-Hypnotism is an actual game mechanic, usually manifesting as pretty girls putting enemies under their control. The most prominent example is Eve, a playable character who's sort of a heroic version of Poison Ivy, with all that implies.

-There's a major villain named Shadow who brainwashes one of the heroes into her loyal minion/boytoy.

-Another major villain, and easily the biggest example in the game, is Pan. As in the Greek God. He brainwashes scores of women, including Eve, turning them into his loyal harem of sylphs. (They're not actually called a harem, but the implication is pretty clear.)
I forgot this Boss Ancient Devil and his ability "Demon Sign"
Ah, Golden Sun <3
I should just start the 2nd game over as well as the 3rd game or continue them.
Almost forgot about them, but they are still one my top RPG's.
In the game utawarerumono: mask of truth, there are two significant mc moments.

the first one has one of the old party members from the previous game has some kind of mind control parasite implanted in him and he's essentially corrupted into fighting the main character and his party.

The next one is a bit of a spoiler so
I'm playing Risen 2 : Dark Waters right now, which is a game where you're basically a soldier that becomes a pirate in order to kill a big bad goddess or whatever, and in it, some native folk on one of the islands can teach you various magical skills, including how to control people with voodoo dolls. It basically works like possession.
I'm in the process of trying to figure out if there's some use for the skill independently of the story (for example, control whoever you want), but, disappointingly, I'm starting to think it's just plot-relevant. That said, the game is still a pretty cool open-world adventure game, reminiscent of Fable and Knights of the Old Republic, so that's a plus.