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53302 8557.2 Hyaan ❤❤ I'm sowwy for bothering you ❤ Gumillia August Revert
44326 8575.1 Translator's note: My bad, during the Sasaki's arc, she wanted to be a model, but Tajima ends convincing her to be "the model mannequin". After the photo scene every time they talk about "model of the shop" is "mannequin" IDPet August Revert
44326 8574.1 "I'll start" IDPet August Revert
44326 8573.1 "That's a charming work... You will be filled with fun feelings..." IDPet August Revert
44326 8572.1 "Don't worry...You can be aware as your usual self..." IDPet August Revert
44326 8571.1 "...Now, show me what a living mannequin should look like, Sasaki needs to give you an example." IDPet August Revert
44325 8570.1 "You don't need to think about painful things... You're feeling relaxed..." IDPet August Revert
44325 8569.1 "ah...huh..." IDPet August Revert
44325 8568.1 "Yes ... you can't look away now...remember ..." IDPet August Revert
44324 8567.1 "No, that's ... that's wrong..." IDPet August Revert
44324 8566.1 "You don't have to push yourself. You can be happy if I do what i say ... you understand?" IDPet August Revert
44324 8565.1 "...Errr! Good Afternoon...!" IDPet August Revert
44323 8564.1 "I'm happy ❤ if you're glad ❤ " IDPet August Revert
44323 8563.1 "Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart, are you happy?" IDPet August Revert
44323 8562.1 "Kyaaaaaaa?" IDPet August Revert
44321 8561.1 "Let me thank you for a wonderful customer service" IDPet August Revert
44321 8560.1 "Thank you... You understood this with me, even if you don't look like you're getting the idea..." IDPet August Revert
44321 8559.1 "As expected, you can selling from yourself just with your expression!" IDPet August Revert
53302 8558.2 Discipline bad girl Mallow with master's penis pleashhh ❤ Gumillia August Revert
53302 8558.1 Discipline bad girl Mallow with your penis pleashhh ❤ Gumillia August Revert
53302 8555.3 It seems like you've been doing bad things with Pokémon? Sophia August Revert
53302 8555.2 It seems like you've been doing bad things with Pokémon. Sophia August Revert
53302 8557.1 Hiya ❤❤ I'm sorry for bothering you, hiya ❤ Sophia August Revert
53302 8556.1 Well then... Sophia August Revert
53302 8555.1 You got a bad feeling handling Pokémon? Sophia August Revert