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66260 11995.1 lying bugmenot July Revert
66260 11994.1 too bugmenot July Revert
66260 11993.1 see bugmenot July Revert
66260 11992.1 find bugmenot July Revert
66271 11991.1 you're bugmenot July Revert
62549 11990.1 Huh? TableTennis July Revert
66326 11989.1 disadvantage fskpbz14 July Revert
66326 11988.1 mind fskpbz14 July Revert
66083 11987.1 gave bugmenot July Revert
65202 11867.4 <font size=4>Continued</font> <font size=2>not</font> kirbysuper123 July Revert
65202 11867.3 <font size=4>Continued <font size=2>not</font> kirbysuper123 July Revert
65202 11867.2 <font size=4>Continued</font> <font size=2>not</font> kirbysuper123 July Revert
66201 11986.1 The first time I hypnotized her she offered a bit of resistance, but now she's grown into a great slave who gladly takes my cock. extreyextrey July Revert
66201 11985.1 Y-yes...of course... extreyextrey July Revert
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66200 11982.1 Oh really? Well if that's the case, I want to hear you beg for my cum. extreyextrey July Revert
66200 11981.1 Ahhh, of course I love my boss's! My husband's cock is so small the foreskin can't even come off. Your fat cock is wonderful! <3 extreyextrey July Revert
66200 11980.1 Wow, it's so stinky, your cock has such a masculine odor to it <3 extreyextrey July Revert
66200 11979.1 Takatsuki-kun, whose cock do you prefer, mine or your husband's? extreyextrey July Revert
66199 11978.1 Was she conditioned by her husband I wonder, she's ridiculuously good at cock-sucking. After work I think I'll have her make my tired dick feel good. extreyextrey July Revert
66199 11977.1 She looks like she's already trained to be hypnotized by the smell of cock. extreyextrey July Revert
66199 11976.1 Huh?! Ah, yes, of course! extreyextrey July Revert
66199 11975.1 All the signatures on this document have been collected, so can you take out my cock? extreyextrey July Revert
66198 11974.1 Her tough personality is her one flaw but otherwise she will make a perfectly good slave. extreyextrey July Revert