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44957 HypnoticLunatic animal_ears blue_eyes bottomless breast_expansion breasts cat_girl collar drool female_only femsub final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv glowing glowing_eyes large_breasts miqo'te nude open_mouth original pink_hair red_hair sabrith_ebonclaw_(sabrith) tayelle_ar'mendin_(sabrith) tongue tongue_out topless vitalis larger version posted
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67430 Argonis blonde_hair breast_sucking breasts brown_hair dark_skin drool huge_lips large_breasts long_nails microchip original pendulum pink_lipstick tech_control vitalis commissioner requests post be taken down
40638 Ashurath adrien_agreste androgynous ashurath_(manipper) bell blush bondage cat_boy collar cum maledom malesub manip mask miraculous_ladybug spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes text trina yaoi Manippers request for it to be removed
67453 LesLes ass comic female_only femdom femsub glasses greyscale happy_trance hypnotic_eyes kissing kraigla office short_hair text underwear undressing western Better resolution available
67413 TheScaleTrain blush coils cut_man_(megaman) dialogue happy_trance kaa_eyes malesub megaman megaman_(series) monster_girl naga_girl ring_eyes robot smile snake_girl text thescaletrain viper_woman_(thescaletrain) Updating to a newer version.
67427 Mikuze brown_hair doki_doki_literature_club femdom glasses grey_eyes mikuze_(manipper) multiple_girls pov satchely tagme tech_control unaware Spelling errors
67376 Masta blonde_hair blush bottomless breasts caster_(fate/extra) cum drool fate/extra fate/grand_order fate_(series) femsub happy_trance heart heart_eyes kunabishi large_breasts long_hair maledom nero_claudius_caesar_augustus_germanicus_(fate) nude open_mouth saber_extra short_hair symbol_in_eyes tamamo_no_mae_(fate) tongue tongue_out topless no indication of hypnosis in the source, heart eyes are not enough
56634 randomstuff69 absurdres bottomless fairwind hilbert hypno kneeling male_only malesub masturbation nintendo open_mouth pendulum pokemon shota undressing urination wally yaoi Because I want to delete it
67392 Sleepyhead97 tagme
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67362 Mikuze brown_hair doki_doki_literature_club glasses grey_eyes mikuze_(manipper) multiple_girls err...I may be mistaken but this looks like a really bad manip
67347 PKMNtrainerCooldude cappy_ kirby_(series) legs mad not sure this is even hypnosis. pretty sure it is not.
67345 PKMNtrainerCooldude orange_eyes pendulum pokemon_trainer swimsuit white_hair Awful manip
67344 PKMNtrainerCooldude bandanna_waddle_dee glitching kirby_(series) spear symbol_in_eyes white_eyes not sure if a terribly drawn waddle dee with white eyes counts as hypnosis, but the quality is already enough to flag it.
66981 Sky black_hair breasts food hypnotic_food ice_cream licking long_hair midriff red_eyes see-through short_shorts shorts sky_(manipper) spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tongue tongue_out wet_clothes Very rough spirals
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67311 Nukklearlas animated_gif brigitte_(overwatch) overwatch seizure_warning subliminal text Does not meet site standards
67252 Stroke black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair breasts brown_hair corruption crossed_legs demon_girl female_only femdom femsub fingering glowing glowing_eyes horns jiffic large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer monster_girl multiple_girls original short_hair sitting smile smoke succubus tail torn_clothes yellow_eyes yuri larger version posted
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67285 Ondesa bottomless breasts cum cum_in_pussy femsub kagami_hiiragi loli lucky_star nude purple_hair small_breasts topless duplicate of post 10188
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