I'll raise him with great, great care, and make sure that he will be a great help to you, King Sombra...<3

Yes<3 If it's King Sombra's child, then I will happily bear him<3

Good, we will need a massive army to conquer various worlds. I'll impregnate you immediately after the childbirth.

Ahn<3 King<3 Sombra<3 He's<3 coming<3 out<3 soon<3 ahn<3

~10 months later~

animals_only browned_toast crown femsub glowing glowing_eyes happy_trance heart heart_eyes horns king_sombra long_hair multicolored_hair my_little_pony symbol_in_eyes text twilight_sparkle wedding_ring wings

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this will be translated soon too, or not?
It will, I just need to find time to get on my computer