absurdres drool empty_eyes happy hypno-tan long_hair myuk open_mouth original smile spiral text traditional

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...This might be the cutest thing ever *__*
Little bit of drool <3 so cute
EdgeOfTheMoon said:
...This might be the cutest thing ever *__*
It is. Wondering how it would look like in full color @.@
The world needs more Hypno-tan... :3
Oh my god this is too cute @@
95 posts, most of them comic pages with multiple panels, in ~ 1 and a half months. Mad respect myuk.... but don't draw yourself to death ;-). Your art is way too good, please don't risk a burnout xD!
Amazing art as always! I wish I could draw 1/10th this well, all the hypno-tan forever.
That blank face =O So perfect
Her face expressions are so cute and she got a cute hairstyle right there!

I love her drooling expression...
This is among the cutest things I've seen on here.