This post was deleted. Reason: No mind control. MD5: d07e5f2df128ccc3cd0913eeb7b6d374

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....Eh. It's someone's fetish. Somewhere.
And we were questioning Kobi's sanity with the bouncy castle thing.
Wat. I-i don't under..i mean who even? Or why would... i don't... i just... i'ma go lay down now....
it doesn't actually suck up any dirt it just time travels the carpet to a point where it was clean.
well, it's definitely creative
... I promise I'll never do drugs again...

. -.
Welp, I literally read Gyo 5 minutes before popping over here and seeing this as the first thing. What a coincidence.

That said, I'm not seeing any mind control here, other than Tracer doing the one thing a vacuum does.