absurdres bath camilla_(fire_emblem_fates) collar cow_girl female_only femsub fire_emblem fire_emblem_fates large_breasts milk nintendo oo_sebastian_oo princess sleeping text topless very_long_hair

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Where is the story?

Edit: Nevermind.
So, here's my first post on Hypnohub, the cover page for a story I wrote with art by the amazing Sebastian. I'll be adding a few more parts today so it actually gets to obvious mind control rather than the dreamlike metaphor of the cover, then adding more periodically sometime later...

...Just as soon as I figure out how pools work. I can't seem to find the "add to pool" button the guide keeps talking about XD

Edit: There! For anyone wondering, you have to turn on advanced editing in your settings before the button appears.
Ohhhhh I'm going to enjoy this... love me some Fire Emblem
If it wasn't for that costume would've never recognized Camilla lol, sebastian needs to work a little bit on her definitions
hey how do I add this to my favs
ColtonWood said:
hey how do I add this to my favs
There a thing called add to favorites close to the bottom
whenever I try to add it to my favorites it always says access denied