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Monster Girl Encyclopedia says:
Many spells can be fired off by the countless eyeballs that shine alluringly, but out of everything, the ability they're most proud of is "hypnotizing" those who stare at the eyeballs. Through this, they can erase human hostility and hatred for monsters, and implant suggestions such as "I wanna be ravished by monsters", "I wanna ravish monsters" and "I wanna become a monster". This hypnosis is temporary and wears off with the passage of time, but even desires temporarily induced by hypnotic suggestion will generally have a lasting impact on the heart once a person has actually tasted it.
Yes, this is hypnosis. No need to flag it.
Why are flattering pictures of both Gazer and hypnosis so rare?
Crisps? Somebody's from the UK.
Let's be honest. This is something *else* we'd abuse it for.
Haahahahaahah this is too fucking funny xD
Sleepyhead97 said:
Got me a new avatar.
Dang, beat me to it.
I love this - its so strangely innocent - this alien humanoid comes to earth, and dominates minds to get thrift store snacks