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zap zap

Now you be a Haigure Human, too!

Ah yeah, I really am a pacifist.

Moom!! Moom!!



Haigure♥ Haigure♥ Haigure♥


zap zap


I'm so moved by your love for your daughter!

I understand, I will spare your girl.

Please! Take me but not her!

Let's try this at home, everyone!

My Haigure Human Brainwash has completed!

Haigure! Haigure!

energetic sounds of swinging Haigure arms

confident look

It's that easy!

In about 30 seconds, you get yourself a Haigure Human!(Haigure Ningen)






Haigure♥ Haigure♥ Haigure♥

But gradually their brains go insane and...

weak sound of haigure move

At first, everyone tries to resist like this.

Devised by Our Maou Sama!

Once an Earthling get zapped by the Haigure Beam, it turns into this Haigure form and starts making this erotic pose!

Haigure! Haigure! Haigure!

My body's moving its own!

ass beam boots comic earrings female_only femsub gloves haigure happy_trance hypnotic_beam leotard long_hair memetic_control multiple_girls open_mouth opera_gloves person_of_rom ponytail short_hair spread_legs sweat symbol_in_eyes tears text thighhighs translated unhappy_trance

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A corrupted mother converting the daughter she sacrificed herself to save?

All of my yes.
So THAT is what happens? So much the better. :·3
bottom right panel: ora ora ora ora ora ora ora! Haigure!
that's what she's doing for sure, right?