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Oh no! It's as straight as your body line, B-Ko chan!

onomatopoeia for sound of falling, which represents how straight her body line like a cliff

You got a deathwish?

Your personality is so twisted as ever.

Your personality is sooo twisted as ever huh.


Hey! B-Ko chan!

Hey A-Ko. Stop fooling around already.

haigure move

G-got it...

Now move your arms too

Ohh, heavy rain and flood warning, it is.



Haigure♥ Haigure♥ Haigure♥


Hello~, how's the weather today~?

Haigure! Haigure! Haigure!




I'm gonna make all of you watching this into Haigure Humans as well! Stay tuuuu...

I'm A-Ko, the Haigure Alien!

What? Hey! What are you doing! Stop...!

butt in!

A large construction appeared in front of the Metropolitan Government Office Invasion by Alien?

let's hear from that mother and daughter over there.


There is a rumor going around that this might be the invasion by aliens.

Look at this, a large construction appeared in the city, out of nowhere.

Live from Shinjuku

A large construction appeared in... Invasion by ...?

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