black_hair bottomless cleavage doomsatan666 elf_ears evil_smile femsub hair_buns kneeling large_breasts magic maledom masturbation mirror nightmare_fuel open_mouth pussy red_hair smile spread_anus spread_pussy surprised topless unaware undressing voodoo_doll white_skin

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Nice to see some good use of Voodoo @.@
pokemongirl said:
Nice to see some good use of Voodoo @.@
You do?
that is a bit scary/freaky
The shaman guy's like "LMAO, it actually worked!".

Love the concept here, hope we see more of it in the hub-
Considering how that guy's fucking face can kinda sneak up on you, I added this to Nightmare Fuel.
Good thing she had that big fek off shiny mirror behind her or we'd have no idea what was happening.... ^_^
Idea for captioned version: Rich socialite is rude to a witch in disguise, and the witch takes one of her hairs. The witch punishes her by making her do a bunch of sexually humiliating acts.
Sry but I must admit, her holes look yummi.^^
This person has a really interesting touch with their expressions and colouring style.

Plus, that's definitely a unique way to... use things.

Sir_Lurksalaot said:
You do?
Do what? spoiler