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black_hair black_skin bottomless bow_tie cousins disney dor_15 eye_roll female_only femdom femsub franny_robinson glowing glowing_eyes groping happy_trance huge_breasts hypnotic_accessory large_lips mcfreelydude meet_the_robinsons muscle_girl nude purple_skin red_hair robot_girl sequence sex tallulah_robinson tech_control topless torn_clothes western

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this is my 5th of 8 commissions from mcfreelydude, aka Roy Rodgers; my directions were -

Meet the Robinsons: there is a serious lack of work on this, especially considering the mind controlling hats, doris [DOR-15]. I'm imagining a fully robot bodied nude doris [with either hat for a head or hat atop smiling robot face - somewhat to my chagrin, note how the hat covered the entire top of the face. [ ] [ ]

she should be attended, or be polished by, two nude females with who are wearing the doris hats. Extra bonus points if you include a take over scene where a hat is being lowered onto a woman and we see a bit on anguish/shock as she's being taken over

we don't get a lot of female face time in this movie, so they could be random people, or the two hottish women we see in this movie, Franny [ ] and Tallulah [ ]
...bowler hat guy XD actually yeah, there is very little on here.
Alexander717 said:
...bowler hat guy XD actually yeah, there is very little on here.
remember Michael "Goob" Yagoobian AKA the Bowler Hat Guy ended up being subject to Dor-15 AKA "Doris", who ended up the real villain, and until they went back to change things, ended up taking everyone over in an alternate future