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Commissioned by the ever-kind HypnoFinder, we have Mei from Overwatch!

She had no idea what was in store for her, but when the hypno-ray hit her, everything started to evaporate from her mind.

At least the "unnecessary" stuff.

What she needed to do was rid herself of her clothing. After all, that was part of her "before" awakening to the spirals that spun in her head and continued to free her mind and body.

The clothes were too heavy, just like her thoughts. Unnecessary thoughts. Unnecessary clothing.

Another layer down, and she was closer to being "free".

All that was left on her happened to be on her head: the accessories in her hair, and the glasses on her face.

The spirals in her eyes gave away just how far "gone" she was.
Check out my commission thing here~ :3:!
So So good, is there anything better than a sexy glasses girl zombie walking? I don't think so lol.

Great work Blackwidow69x well worth it.
It's funny, whenever I think about your pictures, one shows up hour later XD
@Hypno Thanks again, as always~~!! Twas a pleasure~!

@Yuki xD I was being summoned, clearly! :3 I'll take that as a compliment ;3!
BlackWidow69x said:
@Hypno Thanks again, as always~~!! Twas a pleasure~!

@Yuki xD I was being summoned, clearly! :3 I'll take that as a compliment ;3!
You should, I love your work and the danganronpa pics :3
I like it :3

Are you into Overwatch Widow?
THICC Mei and sleepwalking from Hypnobeam...yes please *drools*
If she were to walk to me like this and just make out with me, I'd die of blood loss.
its ya boy eatthatpussy445 and i beat the fuck out of my dick so hard that i cannot feel my left leg, my left leg has gone completly numb

Just in case <-<
@Yuki Thank you~!! I super appreciate it >////////<

@Crimson Unfortunately, I'm unable to play OW. One website claims that I need a Dedicated Video Ram of 6x what I have -- give or take. And that same website says my CPU isn't good enough. And, I don't have a PS4 yet, so ^^; No Overwatch for me. I will say, I'd probably be Healer-Mode, but yeah :<

@Pinky & Sophia *applause* Keep it up :3

@Pokemongirl Heheheee~

@Defcon xD; Niice

@damnkaa - xDDD Thanks for the source xD I was so confused ^^;;