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Bookends! I struggled for a while trying to figure out how I wanted to do this. I'm super sad that only two pictures of this character exist as I think it's one of Houtengeki's best character designs. Tell me what you guys think! I hope you all enjoy.
Grima180 said:
Wonderful story my dear you never disappoint use with your words
10/10 would mind control again and amazing story btw
On the plus side, Phil was destroyed. On the down side, Venser is now the master of Chromia and the programmer lady and Ashe. And all the other converted people.

Also, did Venser just turn into technological Miss Meme AKA Mimema Ultron?

PS: Absolutely amazing. I love this story, and it's got a... uh... not *nice* ending... A good one?

A satisfying one. The heroes didn't win, and Phil the Possible Sex Offender actually sorta won in the end (in a twisted, completely unintended-by-him way), but the ending was a good cap to the story.
Flagged due to no actual hypnosis or mind control in the image as it's completely unedited from the source link. A comment section story shouldn't be justification if it's inclusion,