androgynous bed blonde_hair blush clothed_exposure collagen crossdressing erection genderswap gloves happy_trance kantai_collection long_hair lying male_only maledom malesub manip mixibnorh_(manipper) penis shimakaze_(kantai_collection) shota skirt smile solo text thighhighs thong trap underwear

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Just to be accurate, the image is a combinaison of two versions of the source: the one listed as source, and this one:
"I always thought I was straight"

My sides
This is a adorable *giggles*
traps dressing as shimakaze? fucking yes.
Hella nice Manip and all but damn that skin shading is great
Darn, is it Shota?
every time I find a trap image I like, it gets tagged as a shota. It's worrying me (-_-')
I really struggled to find a image for this one too.