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Buha, hey hey hey, fufu. Don't get soft on me now. The main dish is about to be served now.

After this they had wild sex.

That how they say it, right? Hehe!

Kusozako-kun, please put your fat cock deep inside my pussy and fill my virgin pussy up plenty with your semen.♥

Hmphmph mmphmph.♪ (contract established)

G-got it...!! I got it, so make it qui...! Ngh!! Aahh!! P-president!! I-I can't hooold iiiit!!

Alright, he's super excited. This girl's body really has a strong seductiveness to it.♥

Mphmph? (I know, right?)

D-Daemon... I didn't think you'd be this amazing... Ofuh!♪

Whoa there, don't ejaculate yet. It'd be a waste. There, master. If I use my powers and make you feel good using this pretty face and mouth, I'll be able to increase the duration and the number of people under my control.

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I'm having trouble translating that bottom right panel.