Alias To Reason
nsfw-dealer (0) silent-sid (5) literal additional alias
homura_(xenoblade_chronicles_2) (2) pyra_(xenoblade) (8) Same character, just the Japanese vs Western name.
pocketwatch (0) pocket_watch (672) Alternate spelling
chewycuticle! (0) chewycuticle (5)
scott_summers (2) cyclops_(x-men) (5) Same character; don't mind which way round it aliases
grenda (0) grenda_grendinator (11) full name of character
doris_(meet_the_robinsons) (0) dor_15 (5) properly spelled as per the movie [although doris is how it is pronounced], as well as a much shorter, simpler tag
torn_clothing (0) torn_clothes (1086) Same.
light-art (1) light262_ (0) alias, and more art listed under light262
janna_(star_vs._the_forces_of_evil)_star_butterfly (0) janna_ordonia (3) older tag is longer, less precise, not in hypnohub style given we now have a last name
maxlat (0) maxtlat (18) I think I missed the T; the 2nd spelling seems to be the correct one
cat_suit (0) catsuit (11) they're the same thing, different spelling.
aqua (61) aqua_(kingdom_hearts) (0) Other characters named Aqua exist, e.g. from Konosuba. Rules say that single-word names must be appended with the series or auth
roy_rodgers (0) mcfreelydude (10) actual alias
aika_tsube (0) tail_blue (13) Same
souji_mitsuka (0) tail_red (19) Same
hotaru_tomoe (0) sailor_saturn (17) Same
trixie_lulamoon (0) the_great_and_powerful_trixie (85) Same
multicoloured_eyes (0) multicolored_eyes (84) standardized site-wide spelling
multicoloured_hair (0) multicolored_hair (1988) standardized site-wide spelling