Alias To Reason
ambiguous_gender (0) androgynous (535) Same
momonga (0) ainz_ooal_gown (1) Alias
romantic (0) consensual (175) Were tied together in the original pool "Consensual/Romantic MC"; makes them easier to find through tags.
bermasin (0) ber00 (7) bermasin - artist's real name ber00 - artist's nom de guerre since the artist chooses to represent themselves with a chosen na
nsfw-dealer (0) silent-sid (5) literal additional alias
vp1940 (0) vp (5) vp1940 = hentai foundry alias
costin55 (0) reiner55 (1) literal alias: costin55 for hentaifoundry, reiner55 for blog and DA
horsecock (0) horse_penis (89) Other boorus have the same alias.
large_cock (0) large_penis (243) Currently both are used interchangeably; Danbooru, etc. use large_penis so let's do that.
flowers (0) flower (144) Danbooru does this.
ballgag (0) ball_gag (230) Alternate spelling.
tiara (0) crown (524) crown is a larger tag and a more general tag that covers the more narrow tiara tag
masaki195 (0) johnni_kun (1) Masaki195 = hentai foundry johnni kun = tumblr
gojiro7 (0) shadow2007x (54) shadow2007x seems to also be Kojiro7 on pixiv and Gojiro7 on furaffinity
swim_suit (0) swimsuit (553) the 2nd is the more popular tag
homura_(xenoblade_chronicles_2) (0) pyra_(xenoblade) (24) Same character, just the Japanese vs Western name.
aqua (0) aqua_(kingdom_hearts) (90) Other characters named Aqua exist, e.g. from Konosuba. Rules say that single-word names must be appended with the series or auth
janna_(star_vs._the_forces_of_evil)_star_butterfly (0) janna_ordonia (3) older tag is longer, less precise, not in hypnohub style given we now have a last name
maxlat (0) maxtlat (18) I think I missed the T; the 2nd spelling seems to be the correct one
cat_suit (0) catsuit (12) they're the same thing, different spelling.