Alias To Reason
torn_clothing (0) torn_clothes (1222) Same.
irresistible_cock (0) hypnotic_penis (67) Most mind control is "irresistable", and no wiki definition exists to distinguish it.
egg (0) eggs (162) Same
mouth_open (0) open_mouth (13582) Same
kiss (0) kissing (714) Same
slime_girl (0) goo_girl (175) goo girl has a definition and a parallel, goo_boy, which suggests to me it was the original and accepted term - this is made mor
faithry (0) omega (5) Furraffinity alias, but also self insert character
janet_van_dyne (0) wasp (28) Same character
rope_bondage (0) shibari (30) while the proper term, I even have trouble remembering it.... and I added it
gray_eyes (0) grey_eyes (148) Regional differences in spelling.
gray_hair (0) grey_hair (388) Regional differences in spelling.
hypnofactory (0) hypnobazaar (17) artist name change
monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou (0) monster_musume (69) official English-language title
kojiro7 (0) shadow2007x (54) Artist alias
scarlet_witch (0) wanda_maximoff (84) Superhero alias should come after superhero name.
hypnobrony (9) hypnobrony (9) To tag the creator of who creates his art.
epilepsy_warning (0) seizure_warning (33) Same
vagina (0) pussy (2386) Word choice
giggling (0) laughing (66) Some users have been tagging giggling instead of laughing lately, might be easier to search for.
chain (0) chains (309) As of writing, plural is more than 7 times as popular