Users can set an avatar from an existing post; click "Set Avatar" on any Post page. Drag and resize the box on the larger image to select what will be shown as your avatar. Then click "Set Avatar" under the preview image on the right to finish. Internet Explorer does not always work for setting avatars; try another browser instead.

Clicking someone's avatar brings you to the post it's from.

There is no avatar blacklisting, so please be mindful of others when you choose your avatar. Avoiding avatars containing certain often-blacklisted tags such as futanari and the like is being considerate to your fellow users, but it is not required. However, if your avatar is from an image tagged loli or shota, keep it SAFE. Not even questionable, but safe! No exceptions!

Also, be sure to read the Avatar Rules and Guidelines section of The Rules!

To Set Your Avatar
1. While viewing the desired image, find the "Set Avatar" Link which is at the bottom of the "Options" menu. Once you do, you will be brought to the Avatar Selection Interface where you can set your avatar.

2. Click and drag your box to the desired area in which you want you avatar to occupy. Once again, keep your selection relatively clean.

3. Click "Set Avatar" which is located at the top right of the image in the Avatar Selection Interface. (And do remember that setting an avatar in Internet Explorer may not work)

4. You're done, enjoy your avatar :)
Updated by Vanndril about 5 years ago